Goodbye To My Sam’s Club, Hello Surprise!

I love it when a little surprise fall into my lap! For example, I just grabbed the Star Wars Book: 5-Minute Stories Strike Back from Sam’s Club. Normally, this wouldn’t be any kind of news for a Star Wars fan such as myself, but as it turns out, the Sam’s clubs here are all closing down. Out of the 63 stores closing their doors, it just so happens that the three nearest me are closing. It is a very sad day for all the Sam’s Club members. Well, maybe not a sad day.



I didn’t really see any tears shed at the thought of all these Sam’s Club stores closing. Instead, there were lines of people waiting to get into the store to take advantage of the 50% off store wide sale. While I was not crazy enough to stand in line for hours just to buy anything I could find, I did manage to get inside toward the end of the weekend sale and see what was left.

Photo by Gregory

At first, upon entering the store, it looked like an empty warehouse with just a few tables of items. The employees were condensing everything to get it all sold. The freezer section was filled with case boxes of buns, cake icing, uncooked donuts, and other bakery goods. The dog food isle had just a few bags of food left and some canned goods. And the grocery section had powdered sugar, candies, some pork and beans, and nuts. The whole place was pretty much picked clean. I really didn’t expect to find anything I wanted or needed.

However, there was a stack of pallets put together to make a table at the far end of the warehouse (the zoomed picture is above), and upon this table were stacks of books. Imagine my surprise when I spied the Star Wars book 5-minute Stories Strike Back, which features stories from all 8 Star Wars Movies! I mean, this book was recently released! Talk about the nicest surprise ever! Of course, I had to buy the book and take advantage of the 50% off. I know everyone in the house (including myself) will love these stories. šŸ™‚

I ended my final shopping experience at my local Sam’s Club with a galactic bang. So, while I am saying goodbye to the Sam’s Clubs in my town, I am welcoming a wonderful book. Thank You Sam’s Club!
If you want a copy of 5-minute Stories Strike Back, Amazon is actually having a sale on them right now. I don’t know for how long, but it is a nice surprise as well.

Stay tuned for my review of 5-minute Stories Strike Back, coming soon!


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