Hotel Transylvania 2 Halloween Cubeecraft of Johnny

Hotel Transylvania attracts all kinds of creatures and monsters…and the occasional human. I guess Dracula should have remembered no fire, because Fire is bad. When Jonathan (Johnny) intrudes on the perfection that is Hotel Transylvania owned and operated by Dracula, Johnny’s life was never the same. He dressed like Johnnystein, zinged it with a great gal, and Dracula’s daughter, Mavis, and learned that even slackers and their backpacks have a place in the world.

I am gonna sit this right here so people know beyond this point, there will be [SPOILERS]

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In Hotel Transylvania 2, Johnny marries his zing and eventually has a family. He starts attempting to make the hotel a more human friendly place, but Dracula is stubbern about what he will change. In the meantime, Johnny disrupts the workings of the hotel when the zombies discover social media, texting and video chat (which is a constant problem for Drac).

Although Johnny is proud to be a human, he loves the Hotel and states that it is the only place he ever felt he fit in (paraphrasing there). However, since Dennis was born ‘human,’ Mavis wants to take Dennis to California where it is safer. The reality of moving from the only place Johnny fit in (Hotel Transylvania) shakes him to the core. He makes a deal with Dracula to take Mavis to California while Dracula attempts to bring out little Dennis’s fangs and make a monster out of his grandson.

Johnny is a talkative, outgoing red-headed adventurer. He is a slacker, a boy that takes it one step of the time. He is on a road to the unknown. Drac tolerates him since his daughter fell in love with him but most monsters and humans like Johnny. He is kind, funny and a little out there…I guess he would have to be to marry a vampire.

Johnny wears a green and white t-shirt over an orange long-sleeve shirt, tan pants and blue shoes. His has shaggy hair and fair skin. With red hair like that he is probably just as sensitive to the sun as Mavis is.

This cubeecraft features Johnny in his standard clothes, complete with shaggy hair.

To Build the Cubeecraft:
Materials needed:
Card stock
x-acto knife

To make:

  1. Cut out each item along the outer black lines, be careful with Johnny’s hair..
  2. Cut along the white on each tab, the white lines on either side of the face and the white line above the head using the x-acto knife
  3. Cut along each red line using the x-acto knife
  4. Fold along each inner solid black line ( be carefule with the head. the skin part does not fold down) and slide each tab into the slots you created with an x-acto knife to form a cube of the head, body, arms, and feet
  5. Slide the arms through the red slots on either side of the body.
  6. Slide the feet through the red slots at the base of the body.
  7. Slide the now completed body through the red lots of the head.
  8. slide the black tabs of the hair through the slots on either side of the face

Johnny is now complete. To download the template click the image below and save it to your computer. Then print and create!