Learn How to Make Kooky Wednesday Addams Sugar Cookies

The creepy family is back in an all new mystifying movie, Addams Family 2, where the family takes a strange vacation in an attempt to become closer as a family and reclaim their bonds. Their adventure goes across America in the most kooky adventures.

In anticipation of this movies release into theaters October 1st, Wednesday Addams has agreed to share her cookie recipe in exchange for your immortal soul…although I am sure she will take something simple, like a tip.
To get the recipe click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. Then print and create for some spooky creations of one of the strangest family members, Wednesday Addams.

  • Ingredients needed to make the Wednesday Addams Sugar Cookie:
    • Sugar Cookie Dough (or your favorite sugar cookie recipe
    • Round metal cookie or biscuit cutter, shaped into an oval
    • White cookie icing
    • Black licorice strings
    • Black, purple, and red cake decorating icing
    • small icing tips