My Little Pony: The Movie has an Anti-Bullying Message

My Little Pony Fans get to join the Mane 6 in their all new adventure, My Little Pony: The Movie, which comes to Blu-ray™ Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital), DVD, and On Demand January 9 from Lionsgate! This epic release features Best friends Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity team up in their most epic adventure yet! The mission, to save Equestria from the evil Storm King.

While everyone is preparing for the first Friendship Festival, Princess Twilight Sparkle is more of a wreck with how to keep the festival fun and exciting. She even asks to have the sun and moon moved for optimum festive lighting. While the other princess ponies were not willing to move the heavens for Princess Twilight Sparkle, they did give her the advice that since she is the Princess of Friendship, she has everything she needs to make the festival a huge success.



This is where the film goes from light and fun to dark in a matter of seconds. The “PG” rating is more of a PGfr (Parental Guidance for real). Unlike the cute MLP cartoon we find on Netflix, which my 3-year old niece loves, this movie is a little much for the younger audience. Once it goes dark and the Storm King’s minions enter the the scene, the movie never really brightens until we reach the end. The few songs scattered between are really the only happy release the audience gets. I suggest adults watch this movie first to determine if their younger children would be able to handle the “bad guys” and the creatures found within this film.

While I suggest a preview before the younger audience watches My Little Pony The Movie, I do find the movie to have a great message. Not only is it about how to be a friend, but it also includes a hidden gem about bullying and how it can negatively affect the lives of those who endure such horrible actions from others. For example, Tempest Shadow is introduced as the lead minion to the Storm King. Her skills and broken horn lead to the capture of all the Princesses but Princess Twilight Sparkle. In an effort to gain the powers from the Princess of Friendship, Tempest Shadow must follow Twilight Sparkle and her friends beyond the boarders of Equestria.

As the movie moves forward, we learn that the bullying from others has lead Tempest Shadow down this evil path to try and find a way to repair her horn so that she could look like everyone else. With the magical powers of Princess Twilight Sparkle and the other Princess Ponies, the Storm King would have the ultimate power and he would be able to restore her horn. The problem is, evil likes to destroy, not repair, and Tempest Shadow must make a life-changing decision before this movie ends.

I truly love the fact that while My Little Pony: The Movie has one monumental theme about how to be friends and why we should be friends, it has some explinations of what happens when we choose not to be friends and bully those for just looking different. While I would say the delivery is a little rough for kids, My Little Pony is great for the older children in the audience and the young at heart.

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