New Facebook Images sizes for the Timeline

Let me guess, you found out that you are being forced into the facebook timeline. Now in an effort to make your page look as awesome as possible, You are looking for what size to make your images. You came to the right place. 😀

Here are the sizes for your images to make them fit on your facebook profile and pages:
Timeline header size: 851 x 315
Profile Picture: 180 x 180
Wall Images: 404 x 404
Panorama picture for the wall: 843 x 403

For the header, I created a picture in the sizes needed so that your profile picture does not cover your timeline header. 😀

Hopefully this will help you create a wonderful image for your facebook page/ personal profile. 😀

Now that you have the sizes needed what will your headers look like?
Post your comments and examples of your headers below



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    • Tania on 01/28/2013 at 00:27

    Thank you for that picture guideline. Very helpful 🙂

    1. You are very welcome 😀

  1. Dear, and how do I get this nice header with my picture’s ?
    I am so bad with these..
    I put the foto above on my computer? Yes and then??

    1. Hello Natascha,
      To create your image in these sizes you can use either photoshop, paint or your favorite image creating program (there are many on the internet that you can use as well). Create an image in the size that I have stated. Then go to facebook and upload it in the header. If you need some assistance creating a header, contact me and I could probably help you. 😀

      Also You can use this site FB Covers and have them make a header for you of premade pictures 😀

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