PAAS Galactic Eggs Makes Dyeing Eggs Out-of-This-World Fun!

I have found the coolest egg dyeing kit on this side of the galaxy! What a way to start a post, right? But this claim doesn’t come without merit. In fact, I bought this kit so my family could try it out. I don’t think we have had more fun dyeing eggs. Easter is going to be out of this world at my house!

The PAAS Galactic Egg dyeing kit comes with a ton of goodies. They include

  • 69 Stickers
  • 66 Glow in the dark stickers
  • 3 Liquid Dye pouches
  • 4 Egg stands
  • 3 Dye Tablets
  • 2 Accessory Sheets
  • 2 Small Bags
  • 1 Glitter Pouch
  • 1 Drying Tray
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Egg Dipper

This is enough awesomeness to decorate 24 eggs! What I love most about this kit is that there is no waiting if multiple kids are dyeing eggs. Some can be using the dye tablets and the others can use the pouches.

The dye tablets are placed in vintager and water. These create a solid color egg that can be decorated with stickers and glitter. The dye pouches use a cool technique that creates a galaxy in the egg. By dropping a couple of drops into the bag, adding the egg, and moving the egg around in the bag, we get an out of this world design!

Once the eggs are dried, they are ready for the epic stickers and display stands. The stickers feature planets, astronauts (PAAStronauts), asteroid’s, comets, galaxies, and more. Many of them glow in the dark and look awesome when the lights go off.

The stands are fun little cardboard crafts that require a little assembly. The back of the box comes with instructions on how to build the display stands with a few fun tips. The four stands are, Satellite, PAAStronaut, Rocket Legs, and UFO.

I love the Satellite and UFO display. The Satellite almost looks like it should be rotating just above the earth. The circular base gives the egg a place to rest while it is adorned with the Satellite arms.

The UFO turns an egg into an alien. Dye the egg green, coat with glitter and stick it on the UFO display. Now this egg has alien tentacles. Add Googley eyes and it becomes the best egg design ever!

The Rocket Legs are less usable. They tend to collapse under the weight of the egg. but for a few short moments, they do turn an egg into an egg-cellent rocket. I truly wish they were more sturdy because they are adorable.

The PAAStronaut is just the cutest thing. The base allows a little astronaut to float around the egg. I had to use a stock image for this one because our PAAStronaut didn’t make it to production. He is very fragile.

My family and I absolutely love this kit and I highly recommend it for Easter. It is great fun for the whole family. It is a hard one to find, but sometimes (affiliate link) has it for sale.