PAW Patrol Rescue Knights Review and Castle Cupcake Recipe

June 7, 2022, PAW Patrol: Rescue Knights is coming to DVD! That means fans will be able to take and all new adventure with their favorite pups in 6 fantastic episodes inspired by dragons, knights, and kingdoms. Each rescue is jam packed with our favorite pups, new vehicles, and soaring adventures. Fans can buy the DVD from (affiliate link) and take the adventures home.

I got the chance to review this marvoulous episode collection and here are my thoughts.

I will admit, anything PAW Patrol is big in my house. I love all the teamwork lessons, the problem solving skills, and the empathy that each episode showcases and teaches their audience. It has enough entertainment to keep the little minds occupied and it has a great balance in morals.

PAW Patrol: Rescue Knights continues the the entertainment and morals in their episode collection. While The adventures take place in a fantasy world of dragons, knights, and kingdoms, their true core never changes.: helping others.

The episodes are:

  • Quest for the Dragon’s Tooth
  • Pups Save a Dozing Dragon
  • Pups Save a Tournament
  • Pups Save the Baby Dragons
  • Rescue Knights Break the Ice
  • Pups Save the Bone in the Stone

My favorite episode is when the Pups have to save baby dragons from Claw in Pups Save the Baby Dragons. When Claw steals some baby dragons, the pups must really follow their motto, “No rescue is too big, no pup knight is too small!” because the baby dragons are bigger than the pups. This means is will take a team to rescue the babies and return them to their mommy. Let me just say, when babies are involved, nothing goes as planned.

Pups Save the Baby Dragons is my favorite episode because the dragons are so cute and I love the teamwork to get the babies back to their momma. Using their new machines, their brains, and, of course, the baby dragons, they work hard to rescue and return the adorable flying fire breathing bundles of joy. If you have never seen a pup ride a dragon, get ready for that to be crossed off your bucket list.

With Baby Dragons, high flying adventures, epic rescues and a fantasy like theme, I truly love this episode collection! PAW Patrol: Rescue Knights continues the themes we have come to love such as teamwork and problem solving in a brand new way. wrapped up with dragons, knighthood, and rescues. I give it five stars!

In anticipation of PAW Patrol: Rescue Knights coming to DVD, Nickelodeon has given all their fans a great way to celebrate the release with a fun DIY Rescue Knights Castle Cupcake recipe. With just a few ingredients, fans can be creating their own kingdom in no time.

Ingredients needed:

  • Cupcake mix in your choice of flavor
  • white icing
  • food dye (green, blue, and red)
  • Silver sprinkles
  • silver candy dust
  • sugar cones
  • gold fondant
  • toothpicks
  • dog bone candies
  • printable PAW Patrol Flag template

To get the recipe, click the image below and download the image. Then print, create, and enjoy!