PAW Patrol The Movie Is Much More Than a Simple Rescue

PAW Patrol has released their first full length movie on the big screen, and fans are loving it! In this next level adventure The PAW Patrol crew must leave Adventure Bay in order to save Adventure City from the notorious Mayor Humdinger, who, once again, is causing chaos wherever he goes. PAW Patrol: The Movie was released on Blu-ray & DVD November 2, PAW-fectly timed for Thanksgiving family viewing or holiday gift-giving..

PAW patrol, is a wonderful series, so when I received the opportunity to review the movie, I jumped at the chance!

PAW patrol: The Movie has everything we fans love about the series. The movie includes the pups who ride out to save their friends and neighbors from sticky situations,, the constant theme of teamwork, and we get to see a group become superheroes and save the day using vehicles and tech.

Unlike the series, PAW Patrol: The Movie is a bit more fast paced. In the series, we enjoy the thought process and the more calming effect as the pups work together to save the day in a 15-30 minute episode. The Movie takes adventure to the next level as the pups race around to save Adventure City with their new friend Liberty. This fast pace adaptation makes PAW Patrol: The Movie feel like it belongs on the big screen along with the other recent superhero movies. I believe this was done to keep the audience involved with the film. I think a slow paced hour and a half movie would have been hard for a preschooler to get through.

While the fast pace is nice and engaging, I think the movie really takes off as we learn more about our beloved characters and their past. This movie has a side focus on Chase and his life before he was found by Ryder. Chase had a tough life in the city and he was afraid to return because of his bad memories. This sub-plot leads to a wonderful lesson in empathy, that caring for our friends and recognizing their fear and pain is important. However, the lesson doesn’t end there! This plot continues as we take a journey with Chase and his ability to accept what happened, grow from it, and become stronger. Chase realizes that he was strong for getting through what he had to endure and that being a hero doesn’t mean the absence of fear, but working through it.

I have to take this moment and say, way to go Nickelodeon! So many junior shows are a quick zoom in, save, and zoom out. We hardly get to see the development and growth of characters as a hero faces unpleasant memories and pushes through them with the help of his friends and family. What is even more amazing is that Chase learns to change his outlook on his experience so that he could see just how brave he was and use the new-found strength for the tasks he is facing today. This made the movie tops on my list and I will watch it a couple zillion times.

Along with an epic movie, the Blu-Ray and Digital Copy comes with some epic Bonus features that preschoolers will love to watch such as Chase showing us the new headquarters and gadgets, watch some Adventure City news, music videos, and even a few extra episodes!

  • PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE Digital Bonus Content
    • A Totally PAW-some Team— Join Chase on an off-leash adventure at the brand-new Adventure City headquarters and discover the pups’ upgraded high-tech gadgets and vehicles!
    • ACN: Adventure City News Reports with Marty Muckraker— Become a citizen of Adventure City as you watch the exciting news reports by the city’s #1 news source, gossip columnist, and beat reporter all rolled into one…Marty Muckraker!
    • PAW Patrol: The Movie Lyric Video (Reimagined Theme) – Whether you have four legs or two, howl along with the PAW Patrol gang in this fun and goofy lyric video! An all-new reimagined theme song! (English Only)
    • PAW Patrol Bonus Episodes
      • Pups and Katie Stop the Barking Kitty Crew!
      • Pups vs. a Neon Humdinger
      • Pups Stop an Xtreme Shark –Never-Before-Seen!
      • Blaze and the Monster Machines Bonus Episode
      • The Great Pizza Race—Never-Before-Seen!
  • PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE Blu-ray Bonus Content
    • A Totally PAW-some Team
    • ACN: Adventure City News Reports with Marty Muckraker
    • PAW Patrol: The Movie Lyric Video (Reimagined Theme) – English Only

With everything we have come to love about PAW Patrol, the wonderful character development, and awesome extras, I highly recommend PAW Patrol: The Movie to all the PAW Patrol fans and soon-to-be new PAW Patrol fans out there. It hits every chord with the young fandom.