Snowpaws Princess Palace Pets Coloring Page

Newest palace Pets Dec 2015

Exciting news for all the fans of Disney’s Princess Palace Pets! There are three new Palace Pets that have been released! There is Stripes the Zebra, Birdadette the Bird, and the one I am focusing on today, Snowpaws the Snow Leopard. Each are more detailed than the past Palace Pets and Each are unusual but adorable animals. I am so excited to see Disney expand past dogs, cats and ponies to something more interesting animals like Snow Leopards and Pandas.

Today, I wanted to focus on Snowpaws the Snow Leopard. I thought with the holiday season and all the snow we see this time of year, it would be great to follow the theme of Winter. This adorable Snow Leopard is not as cold as ice, she will actually melt your heart.

Snowpaws Princess Palace Pet SKGaleana image

There is a theory out there that this little Leopard was actually meant to be Elsa’s (The Snow Queen from Frozen) first Palace Pet. However, after some debate, they changed a few things to the design of the Snow Leopard and gave her to Mulan. So let us all welcome SNOWPAWS the newest edition to Mulan’s Palace Pet Collection.

How Mulan found Snowpaws:
When Mulan saw Snowpaws peeking out from behind a snow sculpture she’d made, they became best friends. The Pets love this “crafty” snow leopard’s artistic talents!



Snowpaws is a beautiful White Snow Leopard with turquoise eyes and a light pink nose. She has blue markings on her head and lower body. Her tail is pink, which matches her inner ear. She wears a Pink Collar, a Blue Bow is tied to the base of her tail and a purple tiara sits on her head. Check out the image above for a more detailed look at Snowpaws.

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