The ABCs of Blue’s Clues and You! Let’s Learn With Blue on DVD

It’s tine to have fun and learn with Nickelodeon’s all new DVD Blue’s Clues and You! Let’s Learn with Blue, coming to DVD May 26, 2022. This time fans get to join Blue, Josh, and their friends as they learn their ABCs and 123s, they get to learn about the small stuff and the big tuff in our solar system, and they get to learn about colors and art. Each episode features the same interaction fans love when it comes to finding clues and fun songs designed for the preschool audience.

I got the chance to review the DVD and here is what I thought.

Nickelodeon is at it again with a brand new DVD release featuring Blue and her friends in Blue’s Clues and You! Let’s learn with Blue. The DVD contains four episodes that will have preschoolers learning all kinds of new and fun things. The episodes are:

  • ABCs with Blue
  • 123s with Blue
  • Science with Blue
  • Colors Everywhere with Blue

ABCs with Blue takes preschoolers on an adventure to figure out what book Blue would like to read. In the episode a lot of items are labeled to help kids recognize the word with the item. For example the word picture is placed in a picture frame, The floor gets labeled floor, and even Josh has Josh on his shirt. It is fun for the preschoolers to search the area, see the words, and find clues that Blue has left. This is one of Blue’s Clues and You! first episodes and really holds true to what Blue’s Clues is all about.

123s with Blue take the audience on fun counting adventure as Josh tries to figure out what Blue wants to buy. There are Blue dollars which gives preschoolers the opportunity to understand the world of shopping. I found this episode so much fun I actually made printable Blue Dollars for the family. We are going to go shopping for items around the house. Be sure to download those by clicking the image below.

Science with Blue brings out the explorer in preschoolers as they follow Blue and Josh in their science journey. Using a magnifying glass we get an Extreme Close-up to check out the small items outside; there is a whole other world that is so tiny. Josh goes from small to big when he and Blue visit the solar system. Josh teaches kid about our solar system with a wonderful song to remember the order of the main planets I love the fact that the song includes Pluto. This alone, gives that episode 5 stars hahaha

In Colors Everywhere with Blue, Preschoolers get to learn what mixtures make what color. After colors go missing, it is up to Josh and Blue to make more and figure out who or what Blue wants to paint. It is a very colorful episode that features several colors and a ton of Blue’s friends.

This DVD, Blue’s Clues and You! Let’s Learn with Blue, is full of so much fun, learning, and engaging content. Honestly, these traits are not a surprise. This is everything we have come to expect out of the Blue’s Clues and You! franchise. Their shows are always top notch fun and full of things preschoolers will learn. However, this episode collection is all about learning the basics of letters, numbers, science, and colors and it does a fantastic job. I give Blue’s Clues and You! Let’s Learn with Blue five stars

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