Boss Baby is Back in an All New Netflix Series Boss Baby: Back in the Crib!

The Boss Baby is coming back May 19, 2022 in an all new series on Netflix called Boos Baby: Back in the Crib! Continuing from where the second movie left off, Boss Baby is once again a baby and has moved in with his adult older brother. That means, Tim is once again taking care of his baby brother. I can only image where the antics will take us this time, but I can say, I am looking forward to the hilariousness of these two as they work together to keep Baby Corp afloat. Of course, this time, they will have the help of Tim’s daughter Tina.

Like with any series, we need epic arch-nemeses, and this new Boss Baby series will provide us with a new group called The Uncuddleables. It is up to Boss Baby and Tina to take on this new evil all while increasing baby love. Can they succeed? Only time will tell.

To celebrate the soon to be release of Boss Baby: Back in the Crib, Dreamworks has supplied some amazing printables that fans can print and create. The printables feature:

  • 2 coloring pages,
  • a word search,
  • a recipe for a secret baby formula smoothie

To get the printables click the links below and save them to your computer, then print and create to start the all new Boss Baby adventures.

More about Boss Baby: Back in the crib:

Boss Baby: Back in the Crib will be released May 19, 2022 on Netflix.
The first season will contain 12 episodes.
This series will have some amazing voice acters such as JP Karliak as Theodore ‘Boss Baby’ Templeton, Max Mittelman as Tim Templeton, Mary Faber as Tina Templeton, Krizia Bajos as Carol Templeton, Ariana Greenblatt as Tabitha Templeton, Alex Cazares as JJ, Nicole Byer as NannyCam No Filter CEO Baby, Andy Richter as Board Member Bradley, and Kyle Chandler as Ranger Safety Binkerton.