The Nightmare Before Christmas Official Advent Calendar of Ghoulish Delights – Review

Well, well, what have we here? An Advent Calendar that may just instill fear? Jack Skellington will light the way as he attempts to take over another holiday. Well he certainly has taken over the idea of an Advent Calendar. Thanks to Insight Editions’, we now have an official Advent Calendar celebrating all things from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas featuring Jack, Zero, Oogie Boogie, Sally and more!

Come along and discover the frighteningly fun surprises that the residents of Halloween Town have been brewing up for Christmas this year. Counting down to the festive holiday has never been more ghoulishly delightful than with this entertaining countdown calendar filled with mini books, ornaments, and other mementos. Uncover a new surprise each day of December with Nightmare-inspired stationery, trinkets, games, and recipe cards featuring fabulous foods from Halloween Town and Christmas Town. The Nightmare Before Christmas Official Advent Calendar of Ghoulish Delights will fill your holidays with fright!

I received the opportunity to conduct a frightfully scary review of this ghoulish advent calendar and this is what I thought.

Upon first glance, the cover of this advent calendar is everything fans have come to love about The Nightmare Before Christmas. The hardcover features Jack, Sally, Zero, and other characters from the nightmarish movie. With the teal wallpaper like background and silver tone accents, it is a delight to look at.

Once a fan opens the book, there is an explosion of colors and characters adorning each numbered envelope. It is a frightful site to behold. There are 25 envelopes randomly placed on the book making a fan search for the day in question in order to open it for something strange. The envelopes are flat, which makes me believe that the items inside will be made of paper printed in the theme of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I opened four random envelopes so that fans can see what’s inside. The four random envelopes I opened were 1, 8, 12 ,and 19.

Envelope 1 contained a little wooden ornament featuring Jack Skellington . I am surprised to find this in an envelope. Honestly I expected them all to be paper goods, so this was a frightful delight.

Envelope 8 contained two recipe cards featuring Oogie Boogie Pasta Worms and Oogie Boogie Bag of Bugs. They don’t sound all the tasty, but hey, someone will love them.

Envelope 12 contained a magnetic bookmark of the Pumpkin King. This magnet actually pulls apart and then comes back together around the pages you wish to save. This item works as a magnetic paperclip as well!

Envelope 19 contained a small button featuring Sally and Jack. This button is tiny but oh so adorable. The button is less than an inch in diameter but vibrant and iconic.

All four of these items were very well made, the images were clear, the colors vibrant, and fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas will love them. Of course, I can’t end the review on just four random items, so I have taken the initiative and opened every single envelope. Below I have shared pictures of all the gifts included.

WARNING: The Slide Show below will spoil the items contained inside the advent calendar. Only use the slideshow if you wish to ruin the frightful surprises.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar is truly a ghoulish delight. Every item is well made and depicts many of the main characters in the film. Some of the items even nod to the musical numbers. While many of the items are paper products such as the ornaments, cards, books, and recipe cards, they are high quality. The books are glossy, the ornaments shine, and the recipe cards are prefect to use in the kitchen. It is certainly a wonderful collection. I give The Nightmare Before Christmas Official Advent Calendar of Ghoulish Delights five stars. I think this fun Christmas countdown will be a fun calendar for fans to open each day..

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