The Official Batman Advent Calendar: Christmas In Gotham City – Review

The Bat is back to help all of us celebrate Christmas in Gotham City with fun surprises for the 25 days of Advent! From book to calendar, this marvelous creation will get Batman fans flying to the epic packets to see what is inside. Thanks to Insight Editions, this official calendar will be ready to decorate our homes for the holidays.

Ring in the holidays with Batman, Robin, the Joker, and many more Gotham City super heroes and super villains with this one-of-a-kind Advent Calendar! Open each of the 25 packets to reveal a new holiday keepsake inspired by the world of the Dark Knight, like The Joker Playing Cards, Wayne Industries office supplies, Alfred Pennyworth’s recipe cards, and many more fun and unique gifts. This timeless collectible is the perfect way for fans of the Caped Crusader to celebrate the holidays!

I received a copy of this advent calendar and here is my thoughts on the Caped Crusaders official Advent Calendar.

First impressions: this advent calendar is everything we love about the classic batman cartoons. It features classic artwork of Batman, Robin, The Joker, Harley Quinn, and the Batmobile! It even has a classic drawing of Santa with the super hero duo. It uses the comic book style blocks to separate the images to create a fun little comic book panel. The back continues the classic batman feel with images of The Riddler, The Penguin, and Cat Woman. I absolutely love the design and can’t wait to see what is inside!

The classic story continues to the official calendar and the 25 packets! Each envelope features classic comic book images with Batman the main focal point. Each packet features a number that we get to open on the corresponding day in December. This is gonna be a hard one to wait for, but like my previous Advent reviews, I will open 5 envelopes and share what is inside. The numbers are 23, 17, 11, 5, 1

Envelope #1 contains a Season Greeting mini book that features images of old Detective comic books. It is adorable and classic. I am not sure what to do with it, maybe I will stick it in my wallet and show it off to fellow fans.

Envelope #5 contains contains 2 small bookmarks featuring the skyline of Gotham City and the bat mobile. Absolutely awesome for all us readers out there. What’s even cooler is these could double as small tree ornaments.

Envelope #11 contains a toothpick umbrella. At first I was like…oook. I guess this could be a play on the penguin. Then I opened it. It has the little image and name of the penguin. It is kind of a cheap way to signify the evil genius, but it works.

Envelope 17 contains a sticker with Robin’s classic logo. Cute, useful, I like it.

Envelope 23 contains an image on a clear plastic sheet. Instructions: In a dark or dimly lit room, shine a light through the image to project the Bat-Signal against a blank wall or ceiling.

I have to say this is bat-tastic! I will be spending a few hours playing with this toy. Maybe I can find a great place to put it with the perfect light so when I have Amazon Alexa turn it on, it will display the Bat Symbol. I will call the light Call Batman. “Alexa, Call Batman.”

These five items are certainly fun to use and display. I really like the light feature. I am now curious to see what else is inside. Since I am writing a review, I don’t have to wait until Christmas. I get to check them all out now. The slideshow below will contain spoilers of all 25 envelopes. if you want to keep this a surprise, don’t use the slideshow…SPOILERS.

The Official Batman Advent Calendar is definitely a fun way to celebrate the 25 days of Christmas. The gifts are adorable! I am not exactly sure what to do with most of the mini books since they are basically just tiny images on pages, but they are cute. I love the flashlight shadow screens and the item in envelope 12! I wish envelope 8 came with an entire deck of themed cards, but I love the 4 they give us. All in all, it is a neat collection. Many of these items are very well made and Batman fans are sure to love the keepsakes. I give this Advent Calendar 5 stars.

To get a copy of this Official Batman Advent Calendar head over to (affiliate link) and grab it to begin your own cape crusader adventure!