The Perfect Dice Storage Case for the RPG Enthusiast

As an RPGer, I have been carrying around a bag of dice filled with my hoard. When I had 1-5 sets, this wasn’t a problem because they were easily separated before play.. However, now with several sets and some special metal dice, it has become cumbersome. Not only has it become a rather large bag, the separation of dice takes a lot longer. And let’s face it, keeping my favorite dice with bad dice that should be in a time out, can have negative effects on my play. No one wants to constantly roll a nat1 because the bad dice contaminated the good ;). Thus my search for the perfect dice case begun.

My first thought was to get a wooden box that has each set laid out in a line perfectly set for future use, however, I have large dice, halfling dice, metal dice, and more. A container that fits a “standard” size and set just wouldn’t work for my needs. Many of the reviews agreed with my assessments and I moved on to find something a bit more useful.

I was on the verge of giving up my search when a box caught my eye on (affiliate link) featuring several pockets for dice, a place to hold cards, and even a pocket for other things an RPGer may need. Hopeful, I clicked the link and began reading the details of the SIQUK Dice Storage Case. I found that it features:

  • enough pockets to hold up to 30 sets of standard RPG dice
  • it is very durable
  • can change into a dice tray
  • holds cards, pens, and other needed items
  • Has a 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Very reasonable price

Because of the reviews, I took a chance and purchased the box, in purple, of course. Here is my review!

In one quick sentence…I LOVE IT! If that is all you need to know, then I suggest you go buy this SIQUK Dice Storage Case and enjoy the organization it provides. If you are looking for more details on why I love it, keep reading.

The most important note about this case, is that it comes in purple. When something comes in purple it can’t be all bad. The box has four color options: purple, blue, green, and red, but we all know purple was and is my choice. While it is just the zipper area, it is a fantastic highlight and adds a bit of color.

The rest of the case is made of black 1680D Oxford cloth over a hard EVA material, which is stress-cracked and UV radiation resistant. That means it is a sturdy box. I dropped my box, while crossing my fingers, just to see if it was sturdy. Honestly, due to my clumsiness, I knew I would be dropping it several times, so I figured a test run would be important. Nothing broke. It collected some dust on the fabric but everything remained right as rain. I will know more about the sturdiness as my clumsiness rears its ugly head, but so far, this box is promising!

As a side note: the dice also remained inside their compartments.

Inside the box are two trays made from the same material. Each tray has 15 compartments to hold my hoard of dice. As you can see in the picture above, each compartment can hold an entire set of 7 dice with some space to spare. For those that may not know, a set of 7 consists of a D20, a D12, two D10s, a D8, a D6, and a D4. Shockingly, the compartments also hold my slightly oversize set of inclusion dice. The white ones contain a polar bear inside. They are so adorable!

Each compartment also holds my oversized metal D20s that I received from some awesome Mystery Loot Bags. Because of the small amount of extra space, the container also holds my mini figure pin, which came with a metal dice in the Monster loot bag.

The Monster Loot Bag also came with a card that contains information about the monster and a great way to include the monster in the game. This card fits perfectly in the area that holds RPG cards such as spell cards or monster cards. There are four pockets to hold cards and I know I will be putting my Paladin spell cards here . The case also includes a mesh pocket where pencils and character sheets can be stored. This box has become an all-in-one container to carry everything I need to take to my next DND game!

At my next game, I am excited to try the dice tray conversion. By removing the compartments, the bottom of the box becomes a dice tray. Thanks to the dice compartments being made of durable material, they come out without a fuss. And because the box is made of the EVA material,. this dice tray is perfect for my metal dice that may otherwise damage a table, especially if it is glass.

Because of the durability, all the dice compartments, the awesome place to store cards and character sheets, and the dice tray conversion, I love this SIQUK Dice Storage Case. I also love that this case aids in the punishment of bad dice by separating them from the group so that the lucky dice don’t get contaminated hahaha. I am so glad I made this purchase. If you want to get one, go to At the time I am posting this, they are on sale!

If I had one complaint, it is that eventually I will outgrow it and need a bigger box. Of course, I can just buy another one of these and end up with a hoard worthy to call myself a Dice Dragon. Right now, I can only call myself a Dice Goblin, but the goal is real.