Transformers Rescue Bots Have Five Mysteries on Their Hands in This DVD Release

Just in time for the season of mystery and suspense (Halloween), Shout! Factory Kids and Hasbro Studios release a collection of ghosts and monsters in TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS: MYSTERY RESCUE!

The Small, happy town of Griffin Rock has a mystery on its hands. Make that FIVE mysteries! And it’s up to Chase, Heatwave, Blades, Boulder and the Burns family to solve them. Do they have the sleuthing skills for the job? Join the suspense and the fun as Cody and the Transformers Rescue Bots confront ghosts, search for the legendary Maine Ridge Monster, chase gremlins and more!

TRB Mystery Rescue This mystery-themed collection of Transformers: Rescue Bots was released on DVD Sept 2nd from Shout! Factory Kids in conjunction with Hasbro Studios. It features five exciting episodes that the whole family can enjoy!

The Episodes are:
~The Haunting of Griffin Rock
~Blame the Gremlins
~Feed the Beast

Get your very own copy today: Transformers Rescue Bots: Mystery Rescue

About Transformers: Rescue Bots:
The TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS, CHASE, HEATWAVE, BLADES and BOULDER, are charged with the important task of protecting the town of Griffin Rock. Relying on their courage and friendship, these TRANSFORMERS are also aided by a family of first responders, chief among them is a young boy named Cody. This is a big task at the best of times, but even more so when uncovering the mysteries of Griffin Rock!

Executive produced by Jeff Kline (Transformers Prime), Transformers Rescue Bots features vocal talents of LaVar Burton (Star Trek The Next Generation), Lacy Chabert (Party of Five), Steve Blum (Transformers Prime), Maurice LaMarche (Emmy Award winner for Futurama) and the legendary Peter Cullen who voices Optimus Prime when he makes a cameo appearance in the series. The Transformers Rescue Bots series is currently airing om the HUB TV Network in the US and on Treehouse in Canada.


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