Unique Printable Valentine’s Day Cards of Unicorns and Dinosaurs

Picture it. Third grade on February 14th. Your palms sweaty, your eyes wide. Would you receive a Valentine? Shaking at your desk, your teacher walks in and announces today is Valentine’s day.
There is a smile on every students face as the teacher instructs everyone to enjoy the snacks and don’t forget to pass out the Valentines. You grab your sack of gifts and stare around the room. This is it, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Each child, I am sure, has a different experience when it comes to the classroom Valentine’s Day Party. I remember one girl in my class who had the artistic gift. Her Valentine’s Day Mail Box nearly glowed with perfection as her Bedazzled box sparkled beneath the classroom lights. I couldn’t wait to get a close up view of the box and all it’s spender and neither could everyone else in the class. Her unique cards were also amazing as no one in the class had anything similar.

I received a half a dozen Star Wars Valentines, A few Loony toons, and several of whatever the hottest cartoon or movie was at the time. Many of them turning out to be identical because they were store bought at the same location or bought the same brand. Let’s face it. 30 students in a class that hang out together, there are bound to be similarities. But I always remembered the one that was unlike the rest.



Hand crafting 30 or more Valentine’s day cards can be a chore and take several hours complete, which you may not have time for. If this is the case do not fear. I found two Unique Valentine’s Day kits that are sure to be a hit at your child’s next Valentine’s Day party. Simply print, cut out, and fill out.

This will not be cheaper than going to the dollar store and picking up a box of cards, but it will have that extra touch of pizzazz‎ and be very different from the rest.

Kit #1

Unicorn Kit
Little dreamers will be enamored with this magical rainbow and unicorn themed Valentine set that includes 3D candy boxes, cut-apart cards, and a mailbox – everything she’ll need to have a fun-filled day!

Unicorn Magic Candy Box
Unicorn Magic Crayon/Candy Box
Unicorn Magic Mailbox – Medium
Unicorn Magic Mailbox – Large
Unicorn Magic Valentines

After seeing those printables anyone else feel like screaming “IT’S SO FLUFFY”?

Kit #2

Dinosaur Kit
Elementary-schoolers will roar over these dinosaur-themed Valentines that are perfect for the card exchange at school! We especially love the matching 3D candy boxes and mailbox – just the thing to hold cards from their classmates.

Dino-riffic 3D Candy Box – Green
Dino-riffic 3D Candy Box – Red
Dino-riffic 3D Candy Envelope
Dino-riffic Pencil Box
Dino-riffic Mailbox – Medium
Dino-riffic Mailbox – Large
Dino-riffic Valentine Cards

These two kits come with everything you need to make the child’s valentines day memorable. Candy Boxes, if you plan on handing out more than cards, a mail box, to receive cards from all their classmates, and printable cards that the child can give out.

I found these on SnapFish and I am not sure how long they will have them posted, so get them while you can. They also have other valentine printables if you are planning a party or an event.
I am not paid to share this nor did they ask me to share. I found these printables and had an uncontrollable urge to blog about them 😀

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