VOLTRON Printable Easter Egg Decoration Activity

It is almost Easter! This year, thanks to Dreamworks TV, we can celebrate the holiday in Altean style with a free Voltron printable Egg Decorating Activity sheet. Display your love for Altea and your love for Voltron: Legendary Defenders.

On a side note, these decorations can also help those who may not want the egg dying mess. The Altean mice are white, therefore, we can leave the eggs white as well. Of course, a variety of colors is also perfectly acceptable. If a pink dyed egg is meant to host Allura, who are we to decide otherwise. Let the imaginations and the fun of Easter flow. Either way, the egg is decorated and on a wonderful stand to display. Love it!



The Voltron Printable Easter Egg Decoration Activity features egg costumes for

  • Allura
  • Chuchule
  • Chulatt
  • Platt
  • Plachu
  • How to decorate the Altean Easter Eggs:

    1. Print out the template
    2. Cut out the mice shapes and Allura’s head
    3. Tape or glue to 5 hard boiled eggs
    4. Cut out the base strips
    5. glue or tape them together
    6. Place the eggs on their stands and enjoy

    To grab your free Altean Easter Egg Decorationg Activity simply click the image below and save the image. Then print and create by following the instructions provided. Have a happy Easter!