Will That be Ice Cream or a Coloring Page?

Picture it. It is 8 pm and the craving for the most amazing Grasshopper Pie Blizzard hits you in the face. Yeah, this is a craving that must be satisfied and I just so happen to know of a specific Dairy Queen that knows how to make said Blizzard. In fact, this specific Dairy Queen is the only one that will satisfy my cravings as I have been denied by others saying it doesn’t exist. The Rathdrum, Idaho Dairy Queen gets me.


Anyway, it is 8pm and my friend Michelle and I head out to the best place to get ice cream. Of course, at the time, I had no idea that I would regress into a state of childhood love with a box of crayons and a simple Back to School coloring page, but hat is just what happened. After ordering my lovely sweet Grasshopper Pie Blizzard, I grabbed a coloring page from the counter and was handed a box of 36 crayons. Oh yes, this was no 3 crayon joint, this was an entire box filled with a rainbow of colors to choose from. My friend and I quickly sat down and began our coloring adventure.

The moment the crayon touched the paper I was shot back into the 90s coloring at my desk. Time Travel is real at Dairy Queen. The crayons that we were using at that moment were nothing short of 90s gold. Recently, I have noticed that crayons have lost their spark. The coloring is dull and the ability to create camo or florescent swirls has been lost to a stiff structure. It’s a sad world for crayons right now, unless you are Playskool.

The ice cream trip turned into an amazing crayon discovery. The Playsckool Crayons we were handed to make our awesome designs were nothing short of amazing. They had the perfect waxy feel that allowed for bleed effects, bright colors, and perfect crayon-to-paper feel. I have fallen in love with Playskool crayons. I am not sure if their washable crayons are different from their “original” crayons, but I do know that this box of crayons is a time traveling portal in nostalgia.

What was supposed to be a quick ice cream trip actually turned into an hour of coloring at a DQ table trying to get a page colored before they closed their doors. It was a rush and yet a moment to savor is crayon history.

Unfortunately, I had to return the box of epicness so that others could also use the colors to create their amazing pages of color. It was a fun experience and a wonderful opportunity for us to take a moment and just enjoy eating ice cream and coloring. Hopefully my art is good enough to make the board…I will be checking.

Disclosure: Dairy Queen did not purchase or ask for me to write this revie. I simply wanted ice cream and learned about an awesome box of crayons and had to share. I only share and recommend products or services I think will be a good fit for my readers. All the opinions are 100% my own. In exchange for referrals, some posts may contain affiliate links that I may receive commission for payment. (See more here)