Star Wars The Galactic Advent Calendar – Review

Get ready to travel the galaxy for the 25 days of Advent with the adorably fun Official Star Wars Advent Calendar Made by Insight Editions. Place the calendar on the table as a focal decoration or under the tree to produce a gift for the first 25 days of December, either way it commands attention and will make any Star Wars fan excited to se what each day promises to give. The Star Wars: The Galactic Advent Calendar will be available Sept 14, just in time for fans to get and display! Starting Dec 1, the book will start giving!

Celebrate the holidays and your favorite Star Wars moments with this official Advent Calendar loaded with a galaxy’s worth of exclusive surprises. Star Wars: The Galactic Advent Calendar is bound to make every day an adventure, with more than thirty epic ornaments and adorable mementos that are perfect for the holidays. From paper ornaments to pencils, recipe cards, buttons, booklets, and more, this Advent Calendar will be a festive and exciting addition to your Star Wars collection. Charming, fun, and great for all ages, this Advent Calendar is an unforgettable gift for any Star Wars fan!

Insight Editions sent me a copy of this Advent Calendar and here is what I think:

Let me be completely honest, I am a Star Wars fan. I love almost anything Star Wars, from the books to the movies, I collect them all. In fact, I have a huge collection of comic books and action figures that decorate my home in all their galactic awesomeness. So when I got the chance to review this Advent Calendar I jumped at the chance.

I love the cover of this calendar. Vader, Boba Fett, and several troopers are all singing carols with ornaments above their heads depicting famous star wars characters and ships. If I had one critique, I would say that the colors are just a bit dull for the Star Wars series. They needed a much brighter red with an almost glossy tone to give it the Lightsaber-glow feel.

Inside the duller colors continue, but the images of a Star Wars Christmas are amazing. 25 envelopes feature several graphic images that showcase Yoda, Luke, Jango, a Porg, and many other creatures, ships, and characters from the Star Wars franchise. My favorite decorated envelope is number 14, the AT-AT envelope. Envelope 22 has me saying, “It’s A Trap” every time I look at it.

Like my previous Advent Calendar reviews, I will be opening 5 random envelopes and sharing what is inside. However, this time, they are not so random, I will be opening 14 because of the AT-AT and 22 because of Ackbar. The other numbers included in the reveal will be 2, 9, and 18, which were chosen at random.

Envelope 2 contains Host Your Own Cantina Holiday Party mini book. It features a list of Star Wars Holiday Music titles, Lothal Spicebrew recipe, Bantha Chai recipe, and a Mos Eisley Cantina Cupcake recipe. This mini book also doubles as an ornament.

Envelope 9 contains a candy cane lightsaber pencil. Would a red and white holiday candy cane lightsaber be light side or dark side?

Envelope 14 contains a popup mini greeting card featuring Vader and his Christmas workshop. OMG! The stormtroopers are elves! hehehe

Envelope 18 contains two recipe cards: Life Day Cake (stir, whip, stir, whip, stir, whip whip, stir) and Won-Taun Tundra Treats (might be smelly).

Envelope 22 contains 4 Star Wars film characters images with their famous quotes printed on the back The images are a bit dark but they are cute and will work well as bookmarks.

Other items included in this advent calendar are a Darth Vader button, a Kylo Ren Keychain, a phone accessory, and much more! In fact, I kind of want to share another envelope that made me laugh so hard. but that means I will ruin the surprise! Just note that Day 20 promises to be hilarious. If you wish to see what is contained in each envelope and ruin the surprise, use the slideshow below. Each image will feature five envelopes and what is inside.

WARNING: This Slideshow contains spoilers. Do not use this slideshow if you wish the envelopes to remain a secret. Don’t fall for the temptations of the darks ide. Wait, and enjoy each surprise each day. Of course for you dark side followers, the spoilers are below.

I absolutely love the fun candy cane lightsaber pencils, the hilarious recipe cards, the magnet (probably one of my favorite items), and the other iconic Holiday items this advent calendar has to offer. The items are well made and will make any star wars fan happy to have them. The mini books in this collection are from a cheaper paper than other advent calendars in this collection, but they still hold wonderful information regarding Star Wars and Star Wars parties. The Christmas Tags will certainly be adorning some gifts to friends this year.

I give this advent calendar five stars. I am sure fellow Star Wars fans will enjoy the galactic surprises that await them through the 25 days of Advent.

For those that would like to grab a copy of the Official Star Wars Advent Calendar head over to (affiliate link). Once December 1st hits, its time to begin the adventure!