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Sep 06 2017

Descendants 2 Gives a Glimpse of Social Problems

There are so many ways to be wicked and in the all new Disney Movie Descendants 2, fans learn just how many ways there possibly are to be wicked. Descendants 2 in now available on Disney DVD and Digital with all its epic wickedness combined into one epic story. The Descendants 2 continues where Descendants …

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Aug 21 2017

Descendants 2 Movie Party Recipes and Crafts

Dexcendants 2 brings a whole new meaning to “Chillin like a villain” when Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay return to the Isle of the Lost with Ben, King of Auradon. However, upon their return, not only do they have to avoid their parents, they also have to deal with Uma, daughter of Urula the Sea …

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Aug 01 2017

Printable Paper Doll of Uma from Descendants 2

Paper Dolls by Cory has released an awesome new printable paper doll featuring Uma from Disney’s Descendants 2! (What’s her name again?) As to be expected, this masterpiece shows the same wonderful art fans have come to expect from Paper Dolls By Cory. His masterful eye captures Uma in all her piratey glory from her …

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Jul 19 2017

Descendants 2 Mal & Uma Cupcake Toppers

Descendants 2 will be premiering Friday, July 21 at 8PM, which is almost too far away for many of us excited to see the story continue. In anticipation of Descendants 2 airing on Disney Channel, Disney Family has given us awesome cupcake toppers to help make our premier party a big hit. These cupcake toppers …

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Oct 27 2015

Carlos’ Chocolate Yogurt ‘Pups’ Recipe from Descendants

I would not want to be a child of any of the Disney Villains, but if I had to choose one I would never ever want to have as a member of my family, it would have to be Cruella de Vil. That woman has no reason to kill dogs other than being cruel beyond …

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Oct 26 2015

Jay’s Seasoned Fries Recipe from Descendants

jay is a thief with the idea that “there is no team in I.” His father, Jafar, has been sure to pound that into his head since birth. However, even with the brain-washing Jafar distributes, Jay still finds his life a little disturbing and wanting of something more. When he is forced to leave the …

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Oct 25 2015

Evie’s Apple Dippers Recipe from Descendants

The Evil Queen may be stuck on the Isle of the lost, but Evie is given a chance to see the world. Directed by her mother to both help Mal steal the Fairy Godmother’s wand and find herself a prince, Evie heads out for new adventures and hopefully love. However, things don’t work out as …

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Oct 24 2015

Mal’s Love Spell Cookies Recipe from Descendants

To please her mother, Maleficent, Mal had to be rotten to the core. However, no matter how rotten she is, it is never enough. But when Maleficent gives her daughter a task to steal the Fairy Godmothers wand so that she could be all powerful, Mal takes this as an opportunity to earn her mother’s …

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Sep 01 2015

Printable Paper Doll of Evie from Descendants

Paper Dolls by Cory has released an awesome new printable paper doll featuring Evie from Disney’s Descendants! Again, a pure work of genius is released for every Evie fan to download, print and create! Just like his other paper dolls, Evie is free to download and it is listed on the “Paper Dolls by Cory” …

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Aug 20 2015

Free Disney Descendants Coloring Pages

There is certainly no shortage of Disney Descendants printables. Several can be found on my blog: Descendants featuring printable bookmarks, invitations, recipes and more. But I found there to be a large shortage of coloring pages. I mean the logos alone are extremely cool. Mal has two dragons, Carlos has two bones, Jay has an …

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