DIY Washcloth Teddy Bear How-To Instructions and Kit

It’s almost Easter, which means it’ i’s time for adorable Easter baskets and family crafts! Sometimes crafts can be a bit daunting with figuring out what exactly is needed to make the craft, who can use the scissors, who will use the hot glue gin, and so much more. Thankfully, a Washcloth Teddy Bear requires no scissors and no glue. In fact, you can simply buy the kit and follow the instructions below to make a wonderful Washcloth Teddy Bear! Our store sells one kit, or multiple kits for the whole family.

These Washcloth Teddy Bears are fairly easy to make with a couple rolls, twists, folds, and squeezes. Instead of glue, the teddy bears use rubber bands to lock the shape in place. If a rubber band ever breaks simply replace it with another. Or, you can always tie a ribbon over the rubber band to add to its longevity. Either way, these washcloth teddy bears will be a big hit and well worth the make!

If you purchased the kit, you will already have the materials to make these Washcloth Teddy Bears. If not, you will need to find one square light-weight, preferably soft, washcloth (around 9 in x 9 in) and three small rubber bands. The type of rubber bands I use are the hair ties for kids (affiliate link). These rubber bands usually have a nice stretch and they are durable. However, any rubber bands on hand should work, just make sure they will fit the thickness of your washcloth. The thicker the washcloth the bigger the rubber bands will need to be.

Once you have gathered the materials, use the instructions below to create your very own washcloth teddy bear! At the end of the instructions there is a sheet you can download and print, this way you will always have the instructions on hand whenever you need them.




1. Lay the washcloth on a flat surface, color side facing down

2. Roll opposite sides towards the center to form two equal tubes

3. Grab the center of the two tubes and twist so that half of the washcloth is facing backwards

4. Fold down the top half leaving a small amount of the bottom half showing

5. To make the head grab the folded towel 2/3 of the way up and wrap it with a rubber band 3 times. Take the corners and wrap them with a rubber band, to make the ears.

6. Roll the arms open a little to get them along the side. The bear is now done!

You can purchase one of our Washcloth Teddy Bear Kits from our store here: Teddy Bear Washcloth DIY Craft Kit. They come with everything you need to make these adorable Teddy Bears in a beautiful sparkle bag.

For those who have purchased the kit or for those who wish to print the instruction, click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. It’s in gray-scale to save on color ink. Simply print and start crafting!