HER RECORD IS BROKEN! – A Short St. Patrick’s Day Story

I woke up this morning doing what all family members do on March 17, examining the room to see who isn’t wearing green so that I can pinch them. What a great day to make it acceptable to cause bodily harm to a family member.

As it turns out, my mom was not wearing green. An exciting chill ran up my spine. Could this year be the year my mom actually gets pinched for not wearing green!?!?! Ok, I have to be strategic about this. In my family, if someone is wearing green and they get pinched, the pincher will get punched by the pinchee. So without arousing suspicion, I take a second look over. Yup, she is greenless.

Carefully, so as not to alert my prey, I step closer and do one last look over. It has to be visible. Nothing. The excitement rises. Keep it together Ahsoka. Don’t show your hand.

I slowly approach and in one quick swoop I deliver the final blow. SUCCESS! My mom has been pinched this March 17, 2024!!!! Her record of not being pinched is now broken!

Of course, I had to do my happy dance, taking joy in this sadistic ritual.

My mom on the other hand, walked into the closet, shuffled a few things around, and walked out wearing shamrock headband boppers. She looked at me dead in the face, her eyes lowered, telling me this was serious business, and she simply stated, “Pinch me again, and I will bop you”

Isn’t family love grand?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!