PAW Patrol: Jungle Pups Jungle Vest DIY Craft

Go on an adventure with Tracker in PAW Patrol: Jungle Pups! as he discovers a cave that leads to a lush jungle oasis unlike anything he’s ever seen before. Watch as Tracker encounters unique and extinct animals, such as tigers, elephants, rhinos, falcons, crocodiles, and more.

To celebrate the Home Entertainment release of PAW Patrol: Jungle Pups (affiliate link), we’re excited to share this fun DIY craft inspired by the new PAW Patrol members Carlos and Tracker! With this vest and these binoculars, you can travel with the PAW Patrol and discover so many new animals!

To make the Vest and Binoculars you will need:

  • 2 craft tubes
  • black paint
  • paintbrush
  • glue stick
  • string
  • Large brown paper bag
  • scissors
  • black sharpie marker
  • jungle pup printables

Click the image below and download the instructions. Then print and create for an epic adventure.