Baby Box Printable Paper Craft Inspired from Gabby’s Dollhouse!

Gabby’s Dollhouse has hit the preschool world by storm with its amazing fun crafts and stories all compiled into epic mixed media cat-tastic episodes. With unboxing surprises, characters, learning to problem solve, and teaching kids to work together, parents have also issued high praises for the show. This a-meow-zing show is now streaming on Netflix.



I think Gabby’s Dollhouse is absolutely adorable and the crafts that they make are easy to do with the kids. In fact, I was inspired by all the fun crafts and decided to create a cute paper craft of Baby Box that adults and kids can make together and display. What’s even cooler is when kids are making crafts from the show, they can have their very own Baby Box nearby watching them create.

Baby Box is a character that has fun in the crafting room of Gabby’s Dollhouse. She is instrumental in helping to come up with new crafts to help her friends out of tough situations. For example, in Welcome to Gabby’s Dollhouse!, Baby Box teaches Gabby and her friends how to build a space chain, which will help get Catrat down after he hovers away in a space ship. With a cute song and fun instructions, fans and viewers also learn how to build a space chain. The instructions to this craft and more from Gabby’s Dollhouse can be found on my blog post here. Simply save the PDFs to your computer, print, and create.

My Baby Box craft is similar to the instructions found on other Gabby Dollhouse activities. It is as easy as download, print, and create. However, this craft will require a few steps done by an adult. NOTE: All cutting and/or use of sharp objects should be done by an adult. The cutting around the whiskers and the slices for the arm holes need to be done with an exacto knife. The cutting around each object should be done with scissors. Because this craft requires glue, adult supervision is a must.

The PDF comes with quick instructions on how to build the Baby Box paper craft. Below you will find more detailed instructions and tips. Put simply, this craft requires the creation of two rectangle boxes, one bottomless cup, and two arms. The materials needed to make this paper craft are:

  • Printed Pattern
  • Exacto Knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or Elmer’s Glue with a Q-tip


  1. Print on cardstock
  2. Cut along the outer solid lines of all 5 pieces.


  1. using an x-acto knife, cut along the white lines around the whiskers. We don’t want these to fold when we build the square head.
  2. Fold along each solid line within the head shape, including the long horizontal line in the center. Be sure all folds have colors side facing out. Be sure not to fold the whiskers.
  3. Along the dotted lines on the side of the head carefully fold color sides together. Be sure the crease is only along the dotted lines.
  4. Place glue on the white tabs on the side of the head and glue it to the inside of the opposite panel
  5. Place glue along the white tabs at the bottom of the head and glue them to the corresponding sides on the inside. Leave the head open for now. It will help when gluing the dress and feet to the head.


  1. Fold along The solid lines. Be sure not to fold along the black line that makes the doll have two legs.
  2. Place glue on the large tab and glue it to the inside of the opposite panel
  3. Place glue on the 3 white tabs and glue them to the inside of the corresponding panels. This should form a long rectangular box. Let dry.


The body can be a dixie cup painted blue with gemstone stickers added or you can use the template provided.

  1. Cut along the red lines of each side of the dress. This is where the arms will go.
  2. Place glue on the large white tab and glue the tab to the inside of the opposite side of the curve. let dry. This should form a bottomless cup


  1. Fold the arms in half along the top of the paw with color sides facing out.
  2. Place the arms in the slots made by the exacto knife and test how you want them displayed. If you want them straight out then follow the designated lines. If you want them positioned up or down, fold the tabs where desired.
  3. Spread the tabs out and glue them to the inside of the dress. Make sure the paws face the front. before you glue the arms in place. let dry


  1. At the top of the dress, fold each small blue tab down half way.
  2. Add glue to each tab and glue the dress to the bottom of the head in the center. Be sure the arms are positioned on each side of the body and that they are facing forward.
  3. Place glue on the top of the white square of the feet. Place the legs up through the dress and glue them to the bottom of the head. Make sure the feet are facing forward with the pom-poms facing front. Let dry

To Finish

  1. Carefully form the milk-carton top of Baby Box’s head. This is done by pushing the sides inward along those dotted-line folds and bringing the ears together.
  2. Place glue on the white tab and glue to the inside of the opposite panel.
  3. Glue the back of the ears together.
    The Head is now done. Be sure to let set and dry completely.
    Baby Box is now done and ready to display!

To get this fun paper craft of Baby Box from Gabby’s Dollhouse click the link below and save the PDF to your computer. Then print out the template, follow the instructions, and display. Most of all have a cat-tastic time creating this Baby Box Paper Craft!

Gabby’s Dollhouse Baby Box Paper Craft Printable Template and Instructions – PDF