Boss Baby Family Business is all about Reconnecting with Family

Boss Baby: Family Business is out on DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K and Digital (affiliate link). This sequel takes fans on an all new adventure as stay-at-home dad Tim and rich uncle Ted once again collide to save Baby Corp. This Dreamworks Animation adventure is guaranteed to bring the whole family together for non-stop adventure and laughs.

I received a copy to write a review and here is what I thought.

The Boss Baby: Family Business is a sequel to The Boss Baby from Dreamworks Animation, which means, Ted and Tim return in a brand new adventure. However, this time Ted and Tim have grown up and the new Boss Baby is Tim’s daughter, Tina (I think the family likes names that begin with a T).

This sequel starts with the realization that Tim and Ted have grown apart and that their amazing brotherhood is a thing of the past. I found this sad. They were such a dynamic duo in the first movie. I was hoping they would continue to be an amazing pair and not follow the trends of real world separation. It did make me think I should call my brother.

With the family not on speaking terms, Tina must take drastic measures to save, Baby Corp, which just so happens to need both Tim and Ted,. What takes place is nothing short of hilarious as Tina reveals to her father that she can talk. While the movie takes place near Christmas, Tina has a weird sense of humor and will be all about Halloween. Let’s just say she plays the possessed child very well. I love Tina’s go to attitude and freaky way of doing things. She might be my new favorite Boss Baby character.

From there, the movie goes from new to old…or should I say from old to new? Basically The new idea of Tim and Ted being grown-ups returns to the old idea of them as kids. Yup, there is a special baby formula that turns people from old to young for 48 hours. Thanks to Tina, Tim and Ted receive a healthy dose bringing them back to the age we know and love from the original Boss Baby

The Boss Baby Family Business Review: A Desperate Sequel

All of this excitement happens within 30 minutes of the film leaving us fans with a good does of funny antics as Tim and Ted attempt to infiltrate the Acorn Canter and leave spy devices for that Baby Corp. Apparently this Acorn Center could be the end of Baby Corp and Tim’s family as the leader tries to take over the world with baby power.

As an added plot twist, Tim’s oldest daughter, Tabitha, attends this Acorn Center and is distancing herself from her dad. Believing it is because of the school, Tim must also find a way to repair his relationship with his daughter while saving Baby Corp and mending things with his younger brother, Ted. All of this family business drama is going to certainly cause early hair loss, if it hasn’t already.

I think Boss Baby: Family business continues the epic story of Boss Baby from the original movie to the Dreamworks cartoon series. It is a wonderful continuation fans have wanted to see. I hardly stopped laughing at the awkward moments, crazy adventures, and hilarious joke. As I said above, Tina might be my new favorite character from the series. I give it 5 stars!

Grab a copy of Boss Baby: Family Business from (affiliate link) and begin the fantastic adventure.