Disney Phineas and Ferb Christmas Printables and Crafts!

Free Phineas and Ferb Christmas Printables SKGaleana

Everyone in town mysteriously received their letters they sent to Santa, calling them naughty. At first Phineas believes that maybe, just maybe, all their activities over the past summer caused the town to be on the naughty list. In a gigantic effort, Phineas and Ferb along with the help from Perry the Platypus (aka Agent P) must save Christmas from this “naughty” plot. However, the “Naughtiness” may be more of a sinister escapade thanks to Dr. Doofenshmirtz! Can Perry, Phineas and Ferb save Christmas? Get ready for the wildest sleigh ride ever as the hilarious heroes of summer vacation launch into their merriest and “Perry-est” mission yet.

Amp up the holidays with these free Phineas and Ferb Chriostmas printables with a 3D Perry Ornament, Coloring pages, and Christmas cards! Most of these were found on Disney Family. They have many more crafts featuring all the characters of the Television show Phineas and Ferb! To download the Christmas crafts below, click the images and save the pdf or jpeg to your computer. Then simply print and create! These are awesome activities for kids and families to create together and enjoy the holidays!

I have also included where you can buy the DVD, music and a few ornaments to decorate the tree so that Christmas can be celebrate Phineas and Ferb style. Enjoy!

Merry Perry Christmas Card
Thank You Santa Card
Phineas and Ferb Christmas Coloring Page
Phineas and Ferb Character Ornaments
3D Perry Ornament
A Very Perry Christmas coloring page
Phineas and Ferb A Merry Perry Christmas
Phineas And Ferb Holiday Favorites
Holiday Ornaments

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