Do you Want to Build a Snowman this Holiday Season?

Do you want to build a Snowman? Well this Season you can! Disney has created a website where you can create your very own Snowman! It is fun and easy to do! Look at what I created in just a few seconds.

How did I create this masterpiece? By visiting!

How to build a snowman:
Click the link and let the image load.
Then Click the snowflake and follow it down. You can move your mouse across the screen to make the snowflake move.
After Elsa releases the snow the fun begins

1. Choose your Snowman or Snowgirl by clicking the arrows and previewing each snowman. They come in all shapes and sizes, so pick the one that best matches your character. 😀 then click next
Choose a model

2. Choose a style. Pick what your snowman will wear as a hat, scarf, buttons, and shoes. Each arrow will take you through several different designs. There are so many different designs this could take a but to pick the best combination. Click next when finished.
Choose a style

3. Choose a Theme. Now it is time to choose the background of your snowman or snowgirl. Use the arrows to check out the Disney Themed backgrounds and pick the one you think your character will fit the best in. Then click Finish!
Choose a theme

You have now built your very own snowman or snowgirl! Watch as they perform their skit, and wish you a happy holidays! Build more to see all the skits and enjoy the holiday season!

Merry Christmas!