Slugterra Holiday Edition Round 4, Can You Guess Who?


Welcome to Round 4 of “Name that Slug from Slugterra Holiday Edition”!!!!

his game features a silhouette of a slug from the slugterra universe. Study it, stare at it, and guess it. Once you know the name of the species click the link and download the free coloring Page.  Then just print, create, and color!

Name That Slug!

Name that Slug Christmas6

Good Luck!!!!

The other rounds of Slugterra Holiday editions are here: Slugterra Holiday Editions Game






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    • Noemi on 12/19/2014 at 11:59

    This Round 4, is very difficult. Could you help us?

    1. I sure can! Here is your hint:

      “Each attack must be programmed into this Slug”

      Alos if you think you have it, the first letter is the only one capitalized 😀 Good Luck!

        • Noemi on 12/21/2014 at 01:19

        …. 🙁 …. Which is its element?

        1. Its element is Metal 😀

            • Noemi on 12/21/2014 at 05:26

            There are 5 species with metal Element.
            …..But I don´t find the password out.

          1. Ok, if you want the answer send me an email through my contact page with the subject as “Round 4 HE answer” and I will email it to you 😀

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