Free Halloween Coloring Page Featuring Cryptogrif from Slugterra

This Halloween I am creating 5 different coloring pages featuring Ghouled Slugs from slugterra. Today’s Slug is 5 of 5 featuring the Cryptogrif!

The Cryptogrif or “Zombus” is the ghouled version of the Hypnogrif slug. They have a pinkish belly and deep blue color body. Cryptogrif has sharp teeth and red spiral eyes but that is not the scariest thing about this slug, Cryptogrif can turn people into mindless zombies. While you will not become the type of zombie desiring human flesh and brains, being hit or mesmerized by one of these nasty slugs will make you fall victim to Mind Control.

Halloween Cryptogrif Slug from Slugterra SKGaleana image

Poor Pronto has fallen victim to this slug, becoming a mindless zombie, doing the bidding of Mr. Saturday. It was not a pretty site for Pronto or Eli, Trixie and Kord. However, even under mind control, Pronto still is his quirky self.

Pronto zombiefied



Check out the specs below for more details on the Cryptogrif and it’s attacks.

Cryptogrif specs from
Cryptogrif: Species #031G
A Famous Slug of this species: Unknown, but owned my Mr. Saturday
Preferred Habitat: unknown, but more than likely anywhere there is nasty fun to be had
Power Type: Trance Ghoul
Element: Dark Shadow
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Protoform Abilities: Makes you feel uneasy
Attacks: 3

    Veritgruf: Hits opponent, overwhelming them with vertigo and motion sickness
    Mindshlock: Paralyzes opponent, but makes them see creepy crawlies all over them.
    Cryptoglif: Zombifies opponents when it hits, allowing the slugslinger to control a foe’s mind

At 100 miles per hour, the Cryptogrif doesn’t change much. It gains a dew extra spines but the frontal features are pretty similar.
Cryptogrif transformation at 100 mph:

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Halloween Cryptogrif Slug from Slugterra SKGaleana

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