Free Hotel Transylvania 2 Printable Activities and Recipes

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Coming to theaters this Sept 25 is the second installment of the greatest Halloween Movie on Earth, Hotel Transylvania 2! Or at the very least, it is one of the greatest…Either way, Hotel Transylvania is a top contender!

Dracula and his pack are here for another epic journey through the world of monsters, but this time a toddler joins the ranks. Dracula becomes a ‘Vampa’, a Vampire Grandpa, which is probably obvious. Anyway, to keep his grandchild and daughter close, Dracula must somehow get vampire fangs to appear in the little toddler, Dennis. If not, Johnny, Mavis and Dennis could be moving to California..OH NO!

Little Terrors

With all his powers, Dracula goes on a quests of monstrous proportions to keep his family together. With the help of Wayne, Murray, Frank, Griffin, and Blobby, Dennis May just become a scary monster..or Dennis may just end up being a cute little curly-haired red-headed human. Let’s hope the first one is true, otherwise we may have one angry Vlad on our hands.



In anticipation of Hotel Transylvania 2 coming to theaters, Sony Pictures has shared several printable activities, crafts and recipes to make the best Hotel Transylvania Halloween Party! All of these printables are free to use!!! They were found on the Hotel Transylvania Tumblr website. You can find more activities and printables on Mavis’ Pinterest &

To download the printables below simply click on the images then right click on the tumblr image and save it to your computer. From there, it is as easy as print and create for tons of Halloween family fun! Remember to check out the websites for more games, downloads and recipes!

If you haven’t seen Hotel Transylvania or if you simply wish to purchase it, hop over to and grab a copy today. Trust me, it is well worth it.

Hotel Transylvania 2 Printable Activities and Recipes
Coloring Page Dracula
Coloring Page Frank
Coloring Page Mavis
Coloring Page Mavis
Coloring Page Murray
Coloring Page Winnie
Coloring Page Wolf
Coloring Page Zombie
Coloring Page Drac
Invitation Murray
Invitation Dracula
Invitation Murray and Frank
Invitation Drac and Johnny
Invitation Zombie
Door Hanger Drac
Door Hanger Mavis
Door Hanger Zombie
Mask Drac
Mask Frank
Mask Mavis
Mask Murray
Pumpkin Template Drac
Pumpkin Template Frank
Pumpkin Template Mavis
Pumpkin Template Murray
Pumpkin Template Winnie
Pumpkin Template Zombie
Hotel Transylvania 2 Recipes
Found on Hotel Transylvania Tumblr
Boo Nana Pops
Draculas Dentures
Eunice Green Sludge Punch
Frankenstein Marshmallow pops
Green-Slimed Popcorn
Griffins poison toffee apples
Mouse Jelly
Mummy Pretzels
Quasimodos Mummy Dogs
Scream Cheese
Wandas Candy Corn Rice Crispy treats
Winnies vampire punch
Worm Pancakes
Zombies Candy apples
Find more at Hotel Transylvania Tumblr

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