Free Pieper Coloring Page from Slugterra: Into the Shadows

Slugterra: Into the Shadows is being released on TV in four 22 min episodes starting Aug 6th. This new season promises to feature The Shadow Clan, a new team member named Tad, and a new slug named Pieper! Not a lot is known about this new season yet, but by watching the trailer I can say with confidence this season will be EPIC.

About Slugterra: Into the Shadows

As the Shane Gang return to the 99 caverns from their Eastern adventure, a dispute erupts between them and the Shadow Clan, threatening to shatter the hard-won peace in Slugterra. Eli and the Gang have their hands full dealing with the antics of the usual thugs, plus growing hostility from their former allies. So when Tad and his slug Pieper—who have just arrived from the Surface—lend a hand with Pieper’s amazing powers, Eli welcomes a new team member. But soon this newcomer casts his own shadow on the chaos. slugterra.wikia

Official Slugterra: Into the Shadows trailer

With Slugterra: Into the Shadows coming to TV and Theaters, I thought it would be fun to make a Pieper coloring page. It is, afterall, an adorable slug.

Pieper from Slugterra by SKGaleana

Not a lot is known about Pieper. In fact we are not even sure if it is a regular slug or a ghoul. I suppose that just ups the excitement for Slugterra: Into the Shadows.



Pieper specs
Pieper: Species #UNKNOWN
A Famous Slug of this species: Pieper
Preferred Habitat: Unknown
Power Type: Unknown
Element: Unknown
Rarity: Unknown, but we can assumes extremely rare
Protoform Abilities: UNKNOWN,
Attacks: UNKNOWN

Pieper transformation at 100 mph (Velocimorph):

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Pieper coloring Page SKGaleana copy

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