Free Printable Coloring Page of Gazzer from Slugterra

Gazzer is a common slug found in Sulphur pits in the 99 caverns of Slugterra. In his Protoform, Gazzer can release a small amount of laughing gas. This earned Eli’s Gazzer the name Joker. Imagine if Stinky and Joker decided to combine their skills. It would be a horrific stench…but we would be laughing about it.

The orange armor that covers Gazzer’s charcoal colored body sports highlights of yellow. The yellow is probably a warning sign to enemies, such as, “Beware, all will die of laughter.” This is just a theory, however, poisonous animals in the wild sport bright colors to warn off predators, I am sure slugs in Slugterra do the same.

Gazzer is also slug species number 42. Let that sink in for a moment… Apparently, Gazzer is the meaning of life. So in a way, Gazzer is telling us the meaning of life is to laugh and have fun. I think I can support that!

For more information about Gazzer see the specs below. Then grab the free coloring page and color your own Gazzer.



Gazzer specs
Gazzer: Species #042
A Famous Slug of this species: Joker
Preferred Habitat: Sulphur pits
Power Type: Gas Slug
Element: Fire
Rarity: Common
Protoform Abilities: Produces a small amount of laughing gas.
Attacks: 3

  1. Hilariteaser – Spits a cloud of laughing gas at opponent.
  2. Stompchomp – Emits a cloud of gas that makes opponent dance uncontrollably.
  3. Taggro – Covers foe with a cloud of gas that lights them up, making them easy to spot.

Fusion Attack: UNKNOWN
Ghouled Gazzer: Unknown

Gazzer transformation at 100 mph:

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