Free Printable Doctor Who Global Celebration Digital Party Pack!

Doctor Who Global Celebration Digital Party Pack image

In celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, the Doctor Who Tumblr had a contest for #DoctorWhoGlobalCelebration. The prize was a wonderful sparkly blue envelope with party crafts inside. These party packs went out to a lucky few who were chosen as winners. Of course this left some of us Fans sadden by the fact that we couldn’t get our hands on such a prize. The Doctor Who Tumblr realized the global response and finally time traveled to our century. They have introduced the world to a Digital Party Pack after realizing the power of the internet and our ability to download such a wonderful prize.

Yes! That means all of us Doctor who Fans..Whovians..can now grab a copy of that awesome Doctor Who Global Celebration Digital Party Pack!

It features 25 pages of crazy fun!

  • A letter From the Doctor Who Tumblr
  • 4 bingo cards
  • 6 Cupcake wrappers and toppers (dalek)
  • 1 envelope and stationary (to write in Doctor Who style)
  • A paper craft Fez
  • 4 Popcorn holders
  • 4 recipes
    • Easy “Fish Fingers” and Custard
      Adipose Pops
      Sonic Screwdrivers Drink
      Dalek Cakes
  • and a paper craft Sonic Screwdriver

All these items can be downloaded for free on the Doctor Who Tumblr. They offer the choice of downloading the whole group of printables in a zip file or downloading each piece one by one. To get your copy of the Global Celebration Digital Party Pack click the image below!

Now go enjoy all this Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Suff!

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