Free Slugterra Party Printables and Crafts

Free Slugterra Party Printables
There is a serious lack of Party supplies featuring all the slugs and characters from Slugterra, at least in my area. How is one supposed to have a Slugtastic party when it is so hard to find products to do so? What are we supposed to do, purchase a few realistic slugs, paint them and try to pass them off as Slugterra characters? It may actually be feasible to do that, but not in my DIY world. I do better digitally then with a paint brush. Which is why I decided to fill this gap with some wonderful Printable Slugterra Party Supplies!

Yup, I have spent a lot of time working to bring all my fellow Slugterrians FREE Slugterra Printables! Of course I would never say no to a donation. It is a lot of effort to make these and any amount keeps my blog alive.

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The printables are all listed below. Simply click on the image to save the PDF. You will find:

    Treat Bags
    Thank You Cards
    Place Cards
    Goodie Bag Labels for Sluterrian Goodies
    Drink Labels For an Energy Drink
    Cupcake Wrappers
    Cupcake Toppers
    Burpy Mask
    Candy Pillow Box
    Slugterra Spinner
    Pin the Burpy on Eli (Like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, only cooler)
    Slugterra Photo Frames

A few Ideas for the party:

  • Add Blue Paper Plates, Yellow cutlery, red napkins and a green table cover to finish off the party table.
  • Use the Slugterra stickers to decorate packages, table cloths, and pass them out as party prizes.
  • Decorate the cupcakes with the cupcake wrappers and toppers.
  • Wrap water bottles with the drink labels to create Energy Drinks from Slugterra.
  • Place the place cards in front of foods with unique slugterra names. For example: make meatballs and call them Subterranean Boulders or make a yummy pistachio pudding and call it the Flopper Surprise.
  • Fill the Candy Pillow Boxes with treats and give them out as a good-bye gift or place them in the goodie bags.
  • Place a pile of Burpy masks on the party table and let each attendee take one to wear for the party.
  • The garland can be strung up everywhere so that everyone feels like they are in the 99 caverns where slugs reside.
  • Play any of the slugterra Movies in the back ground or have an official marathon! Movies needed:
  • All of these ideas mentioned above can help with the party, but don’t forget to add a few of your own. Share them in the comments section below.

    Slugterra Printables
    Treat Bag Trixie and Tormato
    Treat Bag Stinky and Pronto
    Treat Bag Burpy and Eli
    Treat Bag Stinks
    Treat Bag Bludgeon and Kord
    Slugterra Thank You Cards
    Slugterra Stickers
    Slugterra Stickers
    Slugterra Garland


    Place Cards Trixie and Kord
    Place Cards Eli and Pronto
    Place Cards Burpy and Stinky
    Invitations Trixie and Kord
    Invitations Eli and Pronto
    Goodie Bag Labels
    Slugterra Cupcake wrappers
    Slugterra Cupcake toppers
    Slugterra Drink Labels
    Candy Box Pronto Treats
    Slugterra Burpy Mask
    Slugterra Spinner
    Infurnus: Burpy
    Frostcrawler: Chiller Banner
    Negashade: Yang Banner
    Rammstone: Bludgeon Banner
    Tazerling: Joules Banner
    Pin The Burpy on Eli
    Eli Photo Frame
    Trixie Photo Frame
    Kord Photo Frame
    Pronto Photo Frame
    Group Photo Frame
    Slugterra Kaleidocycle

    Amount you wish to Donate

    Thank You!

    Grab more free slugterra Printables from my blog by clicking the image below. There are several Coloring pages featuring some of your favorite slugs as well as fun activities.
    Slugterra Coloring Pages SKGaleana


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