Friends The Television Series The Official Advent Calendar 2021 Edition Review

How you doin? Is it possible to be ready for Christmas with the help of Friends? I would have to say absolutely. As it turns out, Insight Editions has created a brand new Friends The Television Series Official Advent Calendar for 2021. The calendar showcases some of the most memorable moments from the series, including a turkey with sunglasses, coffee shop graphics, and many pictures from the actual series.

Celebrate the holidays with this brand new official Friends Advent Calendar! Reunite with the entire Friends crew, including Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey, as well as cameos from Janice, Mike Hannigan, and more. Revisit iconic and beloved moments from the show with more than 40 keepsakes and mementos ranging from fun mini booklets to trivia games, stationery, a special cell phone accessory, and much more! Nostalgic and entertaining, Friends: The Official Advent Calendar is an exclusive must-have for any Friends fan. It’s the perfect ay to capture memories from the series as you celebrate the holidays with this timeless collectible.

I received the opportunity to review the Official Advent Calendar of the Friends Television Series and here is what I thought.

The Hard cover advent calendar is certainly created with Friends in mind. It features images of the case, the logo and graphics that relate to the series such as a lobster, a turkey with sunglasses and a coffee cup. I is easy to say that and Friends fan would love to have this on their table or under their tree for the 25 days of Advent.

Of course, the cover is not what we are here for. We are here to find out if this advent calendar is worth having. Does it contain fun memorabilia that fans would love to receive? The only way to be sure, is to actually open the calendar and see what is inside. Luckily, we don’t have to wait until December. Since I have the calendar in my possession, we get to see some of the items now.

The inside of the book features a 20×14 inch calendar with 25 envelopes covered in graphics and images inspired by the Friends series. Each envelope is randomly number to make the fan search for the date in question to open their gift of the day.

The packets are fairly flat, which means most of the items hidden inside will more than likely be paper products. If it is anything like the other advent calendars in the Insight Editions series, then the Friends calendar will contain glossy paper ornaments, mini books, a few stickers, and possibly a button or two. Usually these items are very high quality so I am excited to see what we get.

I selected five random envelopes to see what we can look forward to. I figured 1/5th of the collection should give us a pretty good idea of what to expect. They were a bit difficult to open since the envelopes are so close together, but the work is worth it.

In envelope 13 I found a cute sticky notepad with a wreath and a coffee cup as the background image. There are about 50 sheets on high quality paper. It is adorable.

Envelope 7 was a tough one to open because envelope 23 kept getting in the way. However, once I got the present out, I found an adorable mini book call The Friends guide to New York City. It has six pages about iconic buildings and places in New York.

Envelope 21 contains a little mini book called “Everything I need to know I learned from Friends”. These lessons are some of the most important lessons to learn, such as:

  • It’s ok if your first marriage doesn’t work out. You’ll find your lobster eventually.
  • The hug and roll method is a great way to create more space in your head
  • Don’t put your head inside a raw turkey. Just don’t.
  • And many more on the 6 pages.

Envelope 1 contains an awesome 14 page mini activity book. The activities include are

  • Word search
  • Who said it?
  • Coloring Pages
  • Mazes
  • Crosswords

Envelop 9 contains 2 tissue paper drink umbrellas. Welcome to our tropical Christmas Party with these umbrellas that feature the Friends logo . Perhaps we can have a little Friends cocktail hour hehehe.

I actually enjoyed these five gifts. I think they are adorable and a few can be reused each year as an ornament on the tree. For example the mini books come with little ties making them double as ornaments. The notepad and activity book are a one time use, but awesome for any fan to have. There are another 20 items included in this advent calendar that range from paper ornaments to stickers. There is even a set of mini Bingo cards to play a game while watching Friends. I think these items are fun to open, use, and look at. Their quality is good and well worth having. At $30 for the book, that makes each item worth about a dollar, and I think some might be worth more than that. I would say it is a definite score for any fan. I give the Friends Official Advent Calendar Five stars.

If you want to get a copy of the Advent Calendar, head over to (affiliate link).