Fun Halloween Activities Featuring Inside Out


Halloween is creeping up on us fast. I swear school just started! But here we are more than half way through October! Costumes need to be done, parties have to be planned, and let’s not forget the carving of pumpkins! I have been yanking my hair out so much to get things finished I could probably dress as Albert Einstein this year…ooo costume idea!



Ok, honestly I am not freaking out too bad. Disney usually comes to the rescue with relevant activities, costume ideas and printable party supplies needed to make my house spooktacular. This year, with the release of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out, they have released an awesome Halloween Activity Kit featuring Anger, Disgust, Fear, Sadness and Joy. Learn how to make adorable and affordable DIY character costumes, have fun with the kids and make their unique Candy Bag of Bing Bong, Print out the cute Halloween posters to display around the house, and grab 5 pumpkin carving templates featuring the emotions of Inside Out.

There is no lack of DIY creativity in this fun activity kit! To grab all these fantastic printables click the image below and save the PDF to your computer.

inside out Halloween Activities

For those of you looking to make some of the halloween costumes or buy the DVD, I have included some Amazon links that will help you get started. Order soon to get them before Halloween.

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