Harry Potter Magical Moments Official Advent Calendar – Review

Something magical this way comes just in time for Christmas…or maybe something epic! Insight Editions has created a huge collection of Advent Calendars that feature different popular fandoms or Christmas themes, including this beauty inspired by Harry Potter!

What is an advent calendar?

An advent calendar is a special calendar that counts the days before Christmas. Typically an advent calendar has little doors with a number representing the day of the month. We open the door on the day shown to get a small surprise. Some Advent Calendars have chocolates and others have little toys or prizes. Whatever the case, it is a great way to count down the days to the most wonderful day of the year.

This Harry Potter Advent Calendar also counts the days to Christmas, however, each surprise is a little gift inspired by the Harry Potter films. With mini books, mementos, mini replica props, and more, there is a ton of holiday magic inside.

I received the Harry Potter: Holiday Magic advent calendar and here is what I think.

The Harry Potter: Holiday Magic Official Advent Calendar is huge. The cover of the book is 14 inches high and 10 inches wide, almost the size of two standard pieces of paper. It certainly commands attention where ever it is placed. The hardcover captures the eye with a picture of Hogwarts in the center. Gold toned images decorate the cover featuring some of the most popular items from Harry Potter, such as the goblet of fire, symbols of each house, and even a snitch. The cover’s design will look perfect under a tree or on a table as a decoration.

Once we open the cover, we are greeted with 25 envelopes! Each envelope features a gold number (matching the gold on the cover) and a picture representing something from Harry Potter. A few of the pictures featured are from some of the Harry Potter films. The numbered envelopes are randomly placed making it a game to find the next envelope to open, sort of like a seek and find. Many of the envelopes are layered on top of others in different shapes and sizes. The paper is thick and sturdy to help prevent ripping and damage as fans open an envelope each day. The entire piece feels elegant and worthy of display, which is good since it will be sitting there for 25 days.

I find the entire design beautiful and impressive. It holds the elegance of Christmas and the magical feel we get from Harry Potter. It is sturdy and promises to give wonderful treats inside.

NOTE: Spoilers below . I will be divulging several items from the envelopes, and later giving a rundown of each item within.

At first glance, anyone can see that the envelopes are fairly flat. That being said, we can deduce that each item will be thin, possibly made of paper. From their size, it is reasonable to state that they will be small items inspired by the Harry Potter films. Honestly, that is to be expected. Most Advent Calendars have small prizes inside. They give the initial joy of opening a mysterious gift each day as we count down to Christmas. Personally I can’t wait to see what is inside. Thankfully, I am writing a review, so I get to see all the awesomeness in advance.

From a few random envelopes I found several adorable prizes.

In envelope 13 I found a paperclip with a plastic topper featuring the Book of Monsters. I believe that it is used as a bookmark, however, I am sure fans can find other uses for it. How cool would it be to have that holding a stack of important papers together?

In envelope 1 I found a small book called Harry Potter Hogwarts Holidays. This book comes on glossy paper with a little tinsel like ribbon to hang it on the tree. Inside is a story of how the wizarding world celebrates the 25th of December. From the amazing ceiling in Hogwarts to the Yule Ball, all 6 tiny pages have cute images and a little about the celebrations. What is cool, is that this item can come out each year to decorate the tree with a little magic.

In envelope 5 I found the most adorable Mini Christmas greeting cards! All 5 greeting cards are printed on thick cardstock with vibrant designs that are sure to make any Harry Potter fan giggle with glee. There is nothing written inside, leaving it up to the writer to make a unique Christmas greeting.

  • Card 1 is burgundy with Harry, Ron, and Herminie on the cover with images of iconic wizarding world items.
  • Card 2 Is a light blue with a line art of Hogwarts in the center. (It has sort of a Disney feel to be honest)
  • Card 3 is my favorite with Harry, Ron, and Herminie standing in front of a Christmas Tree.
  • Card 4 features Harry’s owl Hedwig, his scar and glasses, his Patronus, and The Deathly Hallows symbol.
  • Card 5 features the symbols of each house: Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

In envelope 19 I found the tiniest Postcards known to man; they measure 3.5″ by 2.5″ (about the size of a playing card). In fact, I am not sure they will make it to their destination; as tiny as they are; they may get lost in the mail. However, mail one in an envelope and it will still be a magical surprise.

If the rest of the items are as amazing as these four random ones I just opened, then this Advent Calendar is a wonderful item to have for any Harry Potter fan. All of them are made out of paper, but the quality has been amazing with bright colors and wonderful designs.

I will release a warning here as well.

WARNING: the images below depict what is inside all 25 envelopes. If you wish for these to be a surprise, do not view the slideshow.

I think all of the gifts are wonderful and any fan would love to get the special surprises each day. Although most of these were paper products, I think they were well made and sure to add a touch of magic to the holiday season. If well cared for, several of the items can come back year after year to decorate the tree. As for the book, once everything has been emptied it can be saved again for next year. This time, we can fill it with special items of our own creation to surprise a friend or family member. It is durable enough to be a family tradition.

I give this Advent Calendar five stars and will be using it this holiday season even tho I know what’s inside hehehehe.

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