Movie Review for Abominable and Printable Recipes of Chef Shirley’s Bao

Abominable is only a weekend away from being released on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ & DVD. In anticipation of the release, Dreamworks sent me a copy of Abominable to watch and write a review. So for those who do not want spoilers, skip to the bottom for the yummy printable Bao recipes. Otherwise keep reading to learn a little bit about this magical movie.




In a nut shell, Abominable is about a little Yeti (Everest) taken from his home and placed in a cage, One night he escapes, finds a girl named Yi, and together they go on an adventure to get him back home. However, once the shell breaks this movie pulls on the heart strings as it whisks the viewer away into the world of a Yeti.

I started watching Abominable thinking it was going to be another children’s movie with simple life lessons and a wonderful adventure on how the characters learn these lessons and make them a part of their lives. I was so wrong. This one hit home.

I recently lost my dad and the simple task of taking the next step forward has been difficult. As it turns out, the main character, Yi, is going through much of the same feelings because she lost her dad as well. I almost stopped watching the movie when I saw Yi’s pain. I am glad I didn’t, because I discovered a wonderful story about growth after loss.

I think one of my favorite scenes is when Yi finally embraces the loss and plays her violin to honor her father. The magical Yeti hair strings produce a heavy rain while she plays. It looks as if the sky is crying. But from the tears, flowers bloom about her like an ocean, creating new life. It is such a touching moment, I couldn’t help but cry. In fact, I cried a lot through this movie.

While the death of Yi’s father is the reason there is a story to tell, the story is also about returning home, for the Yeti and for Yi. Everest, the baby Yeti, embarks on this adventure with Yi and her friends to get home. Along the way, he shares his magical talents helping Yi to open up and discover that there are so many people around her that love her. Loss is a part of life but family and friends are there to help us get through it. In a way, Everest helps Yi rediscover her home and her connection to her family.

Taking a step back from the story, I have to say, Everest is the cutest little Yeti I have ever seen. His laugh, playful nature, and fluffy looks makes him right up there with Toothless on the cute-o-meter. Everest is an adorable and funny abominable! Just look at that smile! I now want a stuffed Abominable of my own to snuggle. I even want the epic burps!

Dreamworks has created a movie that goes far deeper into the psyche of their viewers. There is extreme amounts of cuteness, comedy, and fun, but also a true understanding into what it mean to experience loss. However, although loss may be a constant theme, Abominable shows how we can conquer loss and move on. I give it 5 stars.


In celebration of Abominable coming to DVD, blu-ray, and 4K, Dreamworks has released wonderful recipes featuring Baos from Chef Shirley. The recipes are:

  • Steamed Pork Bao
  • Christmas Ham Bao
  • Chocolate and Candy Cane Bao

To get the recipes click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. Then print and create for a delicious snack/meal.

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