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Cubeecraft of Jasmine From Disney’s Aladdin

Jasmine wants to live her own life and make decisions for herself, but as a princess her father makes most of them for her. At night she escapes the confounds of the castle to see what the world around her is like. During her exploration she becomes acquainted with a street rat known as Aladdin. …

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Disney Easter Printables, Crafts, Egg Holders and More

Easter is April 20, 2014 and I have to admit I am far from ready. There are so many tasks to complete to make my house ready for the Easter Bunny and the very popular Easter Egg Hunt. At least I can get the whole family to pitch in and help dye the eggs. 😀 …

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First 7 Episodes of Transformers Energon on DVD May 13, 2014

On May 13th, Shout! Factory in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, is releasing TRANSFORMERS ENERGON – VOLUME ONE on DVD! Available at Walmart nationwide with an SRP price of $5.97! TRANSFORMERS ENERGON VOLUME ONE DVD Relive the Adventures of This Classic Animated TV Series AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT WALMART STORES ON MAY 13, 2014 FROM SHOUT! FACTORY …

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Meet Crocky the Little Croc From The Pirate Fairy

The breakout star of The Pirate Fairy is of course Zarina, but another character has captured the hearts of fans everywhere- Crocky! Check out the clip below from the Baby Croc featurette where writer/director Peggy Holmes explains how the filmmakers developed the character of Crocky. Then find out more about crocodiles in a clip from …

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A Monster in Paris Free Printable Activities and Coloring Pages

A couple nights ago, when I had the rare moment to myself, I began scanning Netflix looking for something new to watch. I must have passed over the movie “A Monster in Paris” at least a dozen times over the last week. I had read the description, checked out the art and never really felt …

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Cubeecraft Papercraft of Vector from Despicable Me

Does he wear pajamas to warm up for sleeping? Or is he an evil, unpredictable genius? Can he be both? I have to agree with Agnes when I say he looks like he wears Pajamas. However, Vector thinks a lot of himself. He stated to Gru, “I go by Vector. It’s a mathematical term, represented …

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April Fools Day Pranks, Printables, Crafts and Recipes

One of the most lighthearted days of the year, and possibly the scariest, is April Fools Day. It is either welcomed with an air of mischief or dreaded. I know that my mom used to watch her back all day waiting for one of her kids to strike. However, with my family, if we participated …

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Disney’s Brave Free Printables, Activities and Coloring Pages

On June 22, 2012 Disney released Brave. Brave features a young lady named Merida who, despite her mothers wishes, is determined to defy many of the old traditions. Most days she spent learning what it was to be a princess, from how to hold yourself to the duties involved. However, she always longed for the …

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Disney’s Cinderella Prince Charming Cubeecraft Papercraft

What Disney Prince Promised to Marry the Girl That fit a certain glass slipper? Apparently in this Disney movie, no one wore the same size shoe. LOL Did you guess Prince Charming from Cinderella? You would be right if you did. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Since I have been working on cubeecrafts of Disney Princesses, I have …

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New Printable Fun Friendship Pack from Disney’s Frozen

In celebration of today’s release of Disney’s FROZEN on Bluray combo pack please see below for fun friendship activities inspired by the film! Make your own princess capes and honor a relationship with a sister or someone who is like a sister to you with sister bracelets! Included in this free printable pack ~Craft how …

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