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Disney Films of 2013: What are you most excited to see this year?

Are you ready for an awesome year of Disney movies? I know I am. There are a few on the list that I can’t wait to see: Frozen, Oz The Great and Powerful and Thor are three that are on the top of my list. Also I can’t wait to get The Little Mermaid in …

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Disney’s Sofia the First Free Printables

When I find (or make 😀 ) fun free printables I like to share them on Twitter and Facebook. Just a way of sharing the love. Today I received an email from Disney with a link to the free printables of Sofia the First. Sofia the first is coming out with a new Television series …

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Cubeecraft of Odette from The Swan Princess

I am paying respect to one of my favorite Princess movies, The Swan Princess. I have decided to create a few cubeecrafts featuring my favorite characters. I will start with Odette. Although I never saw her as an ugly duckling, Ponce Derek did. But, inlike some other movies where beauty is everything, Prince Derek must …

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Cubeecraft Santa Hat

Christmas is coming and my cubeecrafts just didn’t look like they were in the spirit. That needed to change. So I created a Cubeecraft Santa hat. This Hat will fit most of my cubeecrafts. I say most cubeecrafts because some of them have crazy hair that will get in the way. For example Princess Tutu …

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Cubeecraft of Princess Tutu

When a duck becomes human to help find heart shard,you have an interesting story for a ballet…unless you have Anatidaephobia, which is the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. In that case, this show becomes a horror. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I actually enjoyed the show and thought I would create some cubeecrafts featuring …

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Cubeecraft of Princess Kraehe from the Anime Series Princess TuTu

Princess Kraehe is the daughter of The Raven. She is also in love with prince Mytho. For much of the series she is the nemesis as she tries to restore her father. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To Build the Cubeecraft:Materials needed:PrinterCard stockscissorscraft knife Assembly instructions: Cut out each item along the outer solid black lines. Once each …

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Cubeecraft of Mytho from the Anime Series Princess TuTu

Mytho is the second character in the Princess Tutu series. Mytho is emotionless in the beginning of the series because his heart is gone, shattered into several pieces. Princess Tutu makes it her quest to find all the pieces and return them to Mytho. Because of Princess Tutu’s care and love, Mytho begins to feel …

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Cubeecraft of Fakir from the Anime Series Princess TuTu

Recently, in a moment of absolute boredom, I decided to watch an Anime Series known as Princess TuTu on Netflix. It was such a wonderful (sort of creepy) story. The music, art and story line fit perfectly together. Needless to say, I fell in love and decided some of the characters needed to be cubeecrafts …

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Cubeecraft of Callie Briggs from the Swat Kats The Radical Squadron

Callie Briggs is the most needy character in the Swat Kats if you don’t count Feral and his constant need for chopper backup. T-Bone is also very attracted to her, and will leave his favorite TV show just to help her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Her ears had to be 3D (like those of T-Bone and Razor) …

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Say Hello to the Newest Disney Princess, Princess Leia

I would like to take a moment to welcome the newest Disney Princess, Princess Leia! The Walt Disney Co. announced today (Oct 30, 2012) that they have bought LucasFilm for $4.05 Billion. With this purchase, Disney has already announced they will be making 3 more Star Wars Films, the first to be released in 2015. …

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