Pokémon GO Fest is All About Music!

Pokémon Go is celebrating their fifth anniversary by selling the Go Fest Tickets for only $5! That is 66% off the cost of the Go Fest ticket last year! Go Fest 2021 will be a music fest where fans can choose a Pop Star Pikachu or a Rock Star Pikachu. The Pikachu we choose will dictate which music plays during the event. There will be a rock-and-rolling track for Pikachu Rock Star fans, a high-energy electro-pop song for Pikachu Pop Star tans. Guess who wants some rock n roll.

Go Fest is a 2 day event starting July 17. There will be a ton of special Pokémon, special researches, and new Shiny Pokémon (I can’t wait to get a shiny Whismur and Chimecho). Fans with the ticket will also get the adorable Mythical Pokémon Meloetta, (insert fan girl scream here). To learn more about the GO Fest 2021, go to the official Pokémon Go Fest website. There we can read about all of the events, specials, and habitats. It will also help fans decide if they want to buy the Go Fest ticket. With it being 66% off, I don’t think many people will say no. Either way, players will be able to catch some awesome Pokémon and have a blast during the Go Fest.

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Last year, Go Fest had several free printables that fans could download, print, and create, including the iconic Gift Papercraft and Pikachu Visor. I have included the printables below since the webpage that contained the Go Fest printables no longer exists. I can’t wait to see what Niantic will provide for our celebration this year.

To get the printables click the images below and save the PDFs to your computer. After the files have all been saved, print the files and follow the instructions to create. These can work for your next GoFest party or any Pokémon party!

Coloring pages and activities
GOFest Decorations
Gift Papercraft
Pikachu Visor
Pokeball Papercraft
Professor Willow