Printables, Coloring Pages and Activities Featuring Disney’s Princess Pocahontas

“Pocahontas loves nature, and she spends her time exploring the land. After she falls in love with a man named John Smith, it’s up to her to discover her destiny and bring peace to her people” (Disney Princess Pocahontas)

I personally think that Pocahontas is a Disney Princess that doesn’t get much attention. Even the amount of printables for Pocahontas is small compared to other Disney Princesses like Cinderella or Belle from Beauty and the Beast. However, Pocahontas is still one of the bravest and strongest Disney Princesses, right up there with Mulan in my opinion. 😀



There are several lessons a viewer can take away from the Pocahontas film. A couple that stuck with me were to listen to the land and respect it. Pocahontas also taught me that the easy road is not always the right path. Pocahontas tries to teach these lessons to her people and to the newcomers. In one of my favorite songs, “Color of the Wind,” Pocahontas shares her knowledge to John Smith.

The following printables are free . Simply download by clicking the image and saving the PDF to your computer, print, and then create. The Activity pack contains 3 coloring pages, count the leaves, find the trail, and match meeko.

3D Paper Craft
Story Book
Activity Pack
Paper Dolls By Cory
Paper Dolls By Cory
Paper Dolls from Daisy

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