Round 1 of the Slugterra Holiday Edition Game is a Go!

Welcome to Round 1 of the game “Name that Slug from Slugterra Holiday Edition”!!!!

Can you guess the name of this slug? It may be difficult with the holiday twist, but Eli and the Gang are sure you can get this right and unlock the first Slugterra Holiday Coloring page!
If you need help, comment below and I will Reply with a hint.
Name that Slug Christmas1
To Earn your free Slugterra Holiday Coloring Page, guess the name of this Slug Type.
Once you know who it is, blast over to Name that Slug from Slugterra Holiday Edition Round 1!
Type in the password, which is the name of the slug!
If you guess correctly, you will unlock a Slugtastic Holiday Coloring page!

The Prize is only available for a limited time so get your answers in quick!

Good Luck!!!!


    • Lujain on 12/21/2014 at 04:05
    • Reply


    1. Ahh but here is the trick, The password is the name of the Species 😀 Once you get that go to the Password page, type in the species name (First letter is capitalized) and claim your free coloring page 😀

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