T.O.T.S.: Bringing This Baby Home is So Adorable

Get ready for the most adorable DVD collection to ever come from Disney Junior. I mean, nothing can really be much cuter than baby animals! Featuring whales, bunnies, pandas, chameleons, cheetahs, and more, T.O.T.S.: Bringing This Baby Home is a level of cuteness that is sure to overload everyone’s “Awww” sensors. T.O.T.S.: Bringing This Baby Home is available now on Disney Junior DVD.



I got the chance to watch the DVD collection and I found this collection of 7 episodes to be wonderfully engaging. Not only do we have babies finding their forever homes, making families complete, but we have few little life lessons integrated into each episode.

One such episode is Cheetah Chase. Pip and Freddy must work together to deliver a baby Cheetah but the little bundle of joy gets lose. .Since Cheetahs are fast and like to run, Pip and Freddy must work together to figure out how to catch this little ball of energy. The life lessons include problem solving, the importance of teamwork, and patience, It is a perfect story for the little ones in the audience.

This DVD collection also comes with 6 music videos that are perfect to dance and bounce to! There is so much furry cuteness that even the adults in the room will love these cute little animals. I give this collection 5 stars.

More about T.O.T.S.: Bringing This Baby Home:

Synopsis: Join best friends Pip and Freddy, delivery birds for the Tiny Ones Transport Service (T.O.T.S.), as they take cute and cuddly baby animals to their forever families, including a big batch of bouncing baby bunnies, a baby panda who’s almost TOO adorable, a trip to the ocean with one whale of a baby, and much more!

Plus, with 6 music videos and so many baby animals that are too cute to count, these hilarious adventures really deliver!

You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me/Whale, Hello There
Panda Excess/A Stinky Situation
Cheetah Chase/Training Daze
Nursery Schooling/Bunny Bunanza
The Purrfect Little Helper/The Colorful Chameleon
Stripe Out/A Splashy Delivery
Night Flight/Slippery When Wet
plus 6 Music Videos

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