The Fifth Element Valentine’s Day Cards


Perhaps the greatest love story of all time features an all perfect being and a taxi cab driver who’s life quite literally mimics that of s cliche country song. Despite their differences, their constant battle to save the universe, and the constant life threatening situations, Corban Dallas and Leeloo find a way to come together and light up the sky. How beautiful is that? I say, The Fifth Element is the perfect Valentine’s Day film for all those cute geeky couples that are looking to stay in, snuggle and munch on chocolate and popcorn. After all, Love is the reason why the universe is saved.



To celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, I have created these Printable Multi Pass Valentine’s Day Cards. These are free to download but a Donation would be more than acceptable. *wink*

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There are two style cards featured on this 1-page PDF. The first card features Leeloo’s picture and a place to fill in the “to & from”. The second card has two blank white squares where you can add your own pictures and create your very own Multi Pass Valentine’s Day Cards. To download these cards click the image below and save the PDF. Then simply pint and create for the most epic Valentine’s Day Cards this side of the galaxy.

Fifth ele,ent Valentine's Day Cards

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