Baby Shark’s Big Show! The Seaweed Sway DVD Giveaway and Review! – Ends 10/14/2022

Baby Shark’s Big Show! The Seaweed Sway! was released on DVD September 20, 2022 featuring new characters and smash hits! This dance-party DVD contains eight episodes filled with music and fun the whole family will love to watch and dance with. Grab a copy of the DVD from (affiliate link)

The eight episodes are

  • The Seaweed Sway
  • Busy Baby
  • A Shark Day’s Night
  • Wavey Jones’ Locker
  • Daddyshark
  • Rocky-Bye
  • Rainy Day Roundup
  • Deep Goo Sea

For those that know the Baby Shark’s Big Show franchise, you will not be disappointed with this collection. Like many of the episodes, this rockin set continues to teach morals, such as friendship, encouragement, and being yourself, in bright stories’ featuring the beloved character, Baby Shark. Thanks to the featured episode, The Seaweed Sway, the audience is also encouraged to get up and dance to learn the Seaweed Sway or dance their own way.

Preschoolers will fall in love with the Seaweed Sway, taught to them by Baby Shark, William, and Cardi B voicing Sharki B. While the younger audience may not know who Cardi B is, I am sure the parents watching will get a kick out of the Rapper voicing a shark in a children’s TV series. I know I found it hilarious.

Check out the video of Seaweed Sway

Baby Shark’s Big Show! The Seaweed Sway is a great collection of episodes and the Seaweed Sway is a great dance. I love who they got to voice Sharki B. I give this DVD 5 stars.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win the fun DVD featuring Cardi B by using the form below. Follow, comment, or tweet to earn entries. If the form isn’t working leave a comment below letting me know of the error and I will place your name in the giveaway.

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