Blue’s Clues and You! Rainbow Puppy Adventures Adorable Mailer

Blue’s Clues and You! Rainbow Puppy Adventures is now on DVD! It is an adorable collection of episodes that takes viewers on an adventure through different worlds, singing adventures, beach adventures, and even a magic show. Each episode features everyone’s favorite puppy, the Rainbow Puppy! My family absolutely loves the adventurous Rainbow Puppy and we love this DVD.

To celebrate this release, Nickelodeon sent a mailer with the cutest stuff ever!!!! We had so much fun opening the box!

The mailer came with three items that celebrate all things Rainbow Puppy! It had a ton of blue confetti (that went everywhere), an adorable rainbow puppy plushie, a box featuring 2 themed sugar cookies, and the Rainbow Puppy Adventures DVD!

The DVD is fantastic and you can read my review here. There is also a fun giveaway for the Blue’s Clues and You! Rainbow Puppy Adventures DVD, which ends 10-18-2022.

The plushie is absolutely the cutest thing ever! It stands about 7 inches and it is so soft. It looks just like the Rainbow Puppy, down to the adorable cheeks and red nose. I was able to get a couple pictures of it before it disappeared into it’s own adventure with it’s new owner. I will be lucky to ever hold it again.

The cookies were another matter entirely. Make a note, NEVER turn your back for a second to get better light when cookies are involved. At least it was returned quickly so I could take a picture. I asked what the cookie tasted like and all I got was, ‘Mmmmmmmm.” Trust me that is 5 star review when it comes to food. The cookies are adorable and have edible transfer paper to get the rainbow puppy and Blue’s Clues theme.

We absolutely love this mailer! The Rainbow Puppy plushie has a new home, the cookies were devoured quickly., and we all got to sit and watch one of the best DVD releases Nickelodeon and Blue’s Clues and You! have released. Thank you Nickelodeon!

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