Buzzsaw Coloring Page, The Thresher Slug from SlugTerra

Buzzsaw is a Thresher Slug from SlugTerra!

    Rammstone are a common Earth element slug that are colored red and tan, with blue horns and fists and brown eyes. They are primarily found in Low Rock Cavern. Its power type is ramming, smashing, and rocks. When it hits 100 Mph it gain the characteristics of a ram.The Rammstone slug weakness is Arachnet slug.It is also Kord’s favorite slug who he calls Masher. (Slugterra Wiki)



Thresher specs from
Thresher: Species #007
A Famous Slug of this species: Buzzsaw
Preferred Habitat: Sea caverns and rocky coastlines
Power Type: Cutting and chomping
Element: Metal
Rarity: common
Protoform Abilities: Can chomp through things
Attacks: 4

    Sawtusk: Huge chomping bite.
    Throttlebit: Curls into a flat circle and spins like a saw blade, boney spines on the outside to slice things.
    Trilloblade: Flings saw blades from its tail
    Blasterbash: Chomps on to an opponent’s blaster then spins like a sawblade, sawing it in half.

Thresher transformation:

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