Celebrate Halloween with the Toy Story of Terror Printable Party Kit

The spookiest day of the year is almost upon us. Ghouls, goblins and scary monsters under the bed set out on this frightful night. Curiosity can be a very dangerous quirk being Human or Toy. In Toy Story of Terror, when the toys are forced to stay in a hotel, they set out to look around, curious of their surroundings. Anyone else thinking Danger? Buzz and Woody are forced to search for them leaving Jessie alone. But even she, with the fear of close spaces, must leave the safety of the backpack and search out her friends.
As the toys set out in their own Scary Movie motif, slowly members begin to disappear. Who can save them from the terror of the night?

Grab your copy of the DVD and enjoy this story of Terror from a toys point of view.

In anticipation of Halloween, Disney Movie Rewards has released a Toy Story of Terror Halloween Printable Party Pack featuring your favorite Toy Story Characters.
The party pack includes:

    1 Invitation
    2 Party Signs,
    Cupcake toppers
    Snack/Food Signs,
    4 Table Decor in the shape of your favorite characters
    Who I am Game
    1 Coloring Page
    Alien Invasion Game
    and 1 Printable Treat box

Click the image below to float over to Disney movie rewards and grab your free printable party pack.

You can also grab their free Toy story of terror Printable Pumpkin Stencils Kit!
The kit features:
Buzz Lightyear,
and Alien

Have fun celebrating Halloween in Disney Style!

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