Free Coloring Page Featuring a Flopper from Slugterra

Floppers are known throughout the 99 caverns as the most useless slugs in Slugterra. In fact Pronto describes them as, “boneless, dimwitted powerless waste of space |and they| are the embarrassment of the slug species.” The sad thing is, Pronto may be right, because when a slug is called a “Flopper” (a derogatory word to describe something useless in combat), they take offense. However, Eli Shane believes otherwise noting that, “all slugs are useful. Even Floppers.” To Promto’s surprise, Eli has found great uses for floppers including a blinding technique, a slippery mess and the fact that they can stretch to extreme lengths.

Flopper coloring Page Slugterra SKGaleana image

The Flopper slug looks more like a booger in color and design. It is light olive green in color with dark olive green eye patches and stomach. The Flopper slug doesn’t have a velocimorph form making it rather usless in battle. It does however, splatter like a bug on a windshield once it hits something at 100 mph.

Flopper Splat

Check out the specs below for more details on the Flopper and it’s attacks.

Flopper specs
Flopper: Species number Unknown
A Famous Slug of this species: Noodle
Preferred Habitat: Everywhere
Power Type: unknown but my guess is slime
Element: Unknown
Rarity: Common, probably the most common slug in Slugterra
Protoform Abilities: Can be stretched into something needed, is also very Booger like, which can be used as something to make an opponent slip off balance like a banana peel
Attacks: 1
The Flopper doesn’t have a Velocimorph form but there are fans that believe the Flopper has a unique attack if aimed correctly.

    Stab Fire: can be shot into someone’s blaster causing the slug inside to backfire on their owner.

Flopper transformation at 100 mph:
Flopper velocimorph

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Flopper coloring Page Slugterra SKGaleana

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